My Ego-centric story

Project Ego reminds me of cause and effect, an interesting comic strip about my personal tendencies.  I have faced many technical issues in this project especially with file sizes, rendering and printing issues. Before I get into the details of my research and process, lets take a run through of my final that none of my classmates managed to see my hand-drawn effort (because I couldn’t print a hard copy) and my concept execution. (sadly) Ok rant ended.

Also personally loathing my mistake of dragging everything to the last minute.

Very self explanatory, rabbits are herbivores is a representation of my diet, usually healthy and full of veggies. However my temptation proves me wrong sometimes and I end up feeling unnatural thus the distorted rabbit.

I’m nocturnal in nature, but I am not the only one, I end up sleeping when I am supposed to be doing work, unofficial hours.

The shadow animals represents different types of thoughts (worries) that crowd around me when I am on my own. They are not necessarily bad thus the animal form. I want to get distracted from my thoughts once in a while, but I do know my worries would follow me where ever I go.  I do believe I worry so that I expect certain things to happen, in a way, my worries would save me in the end, from trauma. Therefore a biblical reference to the arc, where my animal friends would be saved from a natural flood.

In this strip, I wanted to suggest the me who loves plant but is ironically, plants indoors as I dislike the weather outdoors.  Therefore I am a more stay in sort of person.


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