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Open Source as Culture, Culture as Open Source

Based on the essay “Open Source as Culture-Culture as Open Source,” by Sida Vaidhyanathan, during the early years, we have very limited sources on how to do things. When open source comes about, it opens out to a lot more possibilities and allows people to be more collaborative and innovative, coming up with new things based on existing ones. Open source could basically be a development of codes

However, with the introduction of open source, many would disagree with the culture of it as it opens up all the hard work from an individual or from a group of people and making it available for the public to use. In a way it makes it seem unfair. Hence there is copyright for the different forms of media to help protect these works.

Open source actually helps itself in a way that when you make a certain software available, others may contribute to it, to improve on it and to make it better because if the software is only limited to only its creator, it can only go as far as the creator goes. If something is shared through collaboration like with open source, it opens up to more possibilities as now there are more people working on it which also means that more ideas can come through, creating new software and inputs that go further in the long run.