2D Project Ego

I’ll be honest here, I hated this project.

I defined myself as an artist that does not put the idea of “self” into my art. I dream and live as me, but I see myself more than an individual, I saw myself as a collective. When I look at art, I try to have the perspective of a third person. So when tasked to deal with a project about my ego, it was disgustingly painful.

Here the project consists of X + Y = Z equations. Insert “Me” into a “Scenario” to get an “outcome”. The problem I faced with this project is that I don’t have a sense of “me”. I don’t really recall my childhood memories, and my experience of secondary school was a mess. Over time I have made who I am and who I perceive myself to be as distinct. But I try my best, to create something cohesive.

This piece is about a boy who grows up and meets hardship due to arrogance, he then fails in his mid teens, and run away from his troubles. Through the means of friendship and support from others, he picks himself up to give himself a fresh start. Today he is at ADM at NTU to advance his journey.