Project 1a: Strange Encounter

Credit: Adolf Hoffmeister

Found on–The-City-of-Lost-Time–1964.-Collage-on-paper_900.jpg

Adolf Hoffmeister created a work titled The City of Lost Time. Yet the setting appears to be a city full of clocks, but displaying different times of the day. What interest me about the work is that despite all these clocks available to tell us the time, the light, misty looking background make it hard to estimate a correct time of the day, coupled with the people seemingly travelling by boat, adding the appearance they are searching for the “true time”. What I really like is how the work suggests to us that too much information, especially contradictory ones will lead us further from the truth than one would like.

Credit: Matthieu Bourel

Found on

Matthieu Bourel created a work where the top portion of a human was cut off, and replaced with a mathematical equation. What interests me about the work is that the lack of content in the work other than 2 main points, the equation and the nude body. It suggests that humans have nothing if stripped down other than their possession of knowledge. What I like about the work is that the image also has the impression that a mathematical equation is “rendering” the person, which can suggest that we have reached a digital age where a mathematical equation is enough to recreate a person, implying the high level of technology we have achieved, and how simple an average person can be in terms of their thinking.