Project 3 Thinking Sequentially, Impossibilities of Being

*Will upgrade to a video rather than a gif file soon*

To start and to end the sequence with sleeping. In this project I took way more time than I should have sketching out the scenes I wanted and hence didn’t have enough preparation time to execute it. Originally the first and the last scene (right after the dream sequence) was the look almost the same, then similar to the first scene, it zooms out but to the character waking up instead and realising it was all a dream.

I wanted to play to the concept of a twist at the end, but due to the lack of execution time I had to simplify the dream sequence and make the best of what manpower I had available. It was in slightly bad coincidence the model I used had a recent breakup, hence reducing the manpower available, but I tried capture his emotions and feelings into this sequence to show how he feels.

I have mixed feelings ’bout this project. While it’s phrased to be flexible in content, the odd 90 frame restriction meant the sequence must have a slight requirement for content but we cannot fit too much into it. The storytelling prospects hence felt a bit constricted, hence I had to redraft many ideas until I got this one which could fit within 90 frames. Previous ideas involves waking up in alternate worlds, but the issue with those were that the frame count restricts the adventuring the character can do as well as they felt they lacked meaning and expression. If I had more freedom, in budget and requirements, I should be able to fine tune this further to emphasize more on the shock and impact after the character awakes and that he is still all alone.