Generative Final

A physical generative work of playing cards of colours.

From a roguelike adventurer card game, to something to visually expressive.

What remains? 

  • Playing of cards: As player your choice matters
  • Elemental patterns: Cards are defined by colours, how they are played creates different results
  • Creation of order: You decide how patterns are made; this affects the future plays
  • Embracing the chaos: Constant change of game state; you accept and you adapt


What has changed? 

  • Flow of play: There’s only one phase now instead of several; yet more options than ever
  • Speed of play: No more text; game streamlined to be more intuitive
  • Effects of play: Cards now stay on the board instead of being cleaned every turn
  • Surprise in play: No longer a mere result of randomness which leads to positive or negative effects; rules now change as part of the surprise
  • Goal of play: No more “hostile targets”, you are your own goal
  • End of play: Game no longer divides into only “win” or “lose”, no matter how you play you create a product that has unique reasons

Physical demonstration for presentation


Bonus generative research
Pixel Synth  
by Olivia Jack

Gives end products a bonus generative effect

Sample combination

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