Curating Self: Final (Task 2- My World)

Series of photographs of a place I frequent

Baking of bread, grinding of coffee beans, the hustle of the lunch crowd, housewives gossiping and friends catching up 


‘Man getting lunch’

‘Bread for sale’
‘Lunch crowd’
‘My corner’
‘My table’

When I crave time to myself, I go to one particular breakfast joint at Cluny Court. Usually quiet, lunch is the time of the day where things speed up. I frequent this cafe when I need a place to think and generate ideas, usually in the afternoons when it is relatively empty.

However, the busy crowd is somewhat calming, knowing that they are busy with themselves, engross in their conversations or lunches. The hustle-bustle of city life affected even such small spaces where people come in for a just quick bite. For me, I spent hours in my table spot, usually marked by a drink or unfinished plate of food, doing work or just contemplating life. I feel incredibly comfortable in ‘my corner’.

Note: People are usually isolated despite having a large central table, contained within “their part” of the table or “their table”. The environment may encourage conversations between strangers but barely any are started. 

by Alina Ling

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