Ego – Final

EGO – Final

Linking each panel to a part of myself. Each panel varies in superficiality of the level of analysis of my qualities.




Panel 1 (Superficiality level – High)

The first panel is the part of me that cares about my outer appearance and how I look on the outside. Being fair makes me feel empty and unconfident, where I feel I become soft and bland like tofu. Tanning is a very short-term but useful activity in establishing myself in the world, where I literally become darker in skin tone. And becoming fried, crispy bacon with a skin tone I personally find desirable.


Panel 2 (Superficiality level – Low)

Like a lion, I have a relatively short attention span and I get bored of things that does not interest me quickly. While having many ideas and dreams, the lazy lion inside me will not hesitate to laze about while thinking that we will eventually get there. However, when faced with unreasonable authority or unneeded criticism, I quickly get defensive about my ideas and way of thinking when I feel somebody is trying to change me or make me conform to the norm. Thus, I turn into a stone lion, inflexible to change which I admit will be a troublesome quality to have.


Panel 3 (Superficiality level – High)

Dressing up and hanging out with friends are two activities I cannot live without. However, I like playing the role of a clown to entertain my friends but it is sometimes bittersweet when your other qualities are bypassed for your humour or you making a fool out of yourself. Nevertheless, I would still take that role any day.


Panel 4 (Superficiality level – Middle) 

I sometimes do feel encaged here, where the creative landscape, while developing, is not as vibrant as I wish for it to be. The system in which creative fields are taught in Singapore feels slightly repetitive and sometimes, useless in developing my artistic style. I feel that it is a pity that one’s creative style is washed away in the pursuit of grades and jobs. BUT maybe the system does not work for only me, so my conditioned response to boredom is to escape and flee (through travelling! What were you thinking I was going to do)

I enjoyed this project as it allowed me to explore and understand myself more as a person and how I should improve myself as a student trying to establish my creative style. Thank you for reading! :- )

by Alina Ling

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