FYP 20/21 Week 5 Project Updates

For Week 5 and 6, I intend to start on experimentation for my project. My first step for crafting the sensory experiments would be to determine what visual qualities of light I would like and what kinds of light can be used as tools for exploration.

The Lighting Art: The Aesthetics of Stage Lighting Design by Richard H. Palmer
– Chapter 2: Psychophysical Considerations: Light, the Eye, the Brain and Brightness
– Chapter 3: Psychophysical Considerations: Color
– Chapter 4: Psychophysical Considerations: Space and Form Perception

Handbook of Experimental Phenomenology: Visual Perception of Shape, Space and Appearance by Liliana Albertazzi
– Chapter 6: Surface Shape, the Science and the Looks
– Chapter 8: Spatial and Form-Giving qualities of light

Material Perception (Visual and Haptic)

Neural Mechanisms of Material Perception: Quest on Shitsukan / Hidehiko Komatsu  and Naokazu Goda

Visual perception of materials and their properties/ Roland W. Fleming

Visual and Haptic Representations of Material Properties  / Elisabeth Baumgartner, Christiane B. Wiebel and Karl R. Gegenfurtner

Multisensory Texture Perception / Roberta L. Klatzky

Effects of Visual Expectation on Perceived Tactile Perception: An Evaluation Method of Surface Texture with Expectation Effect / Hideyoshi Yanagisawa, Kenji Takatsuji


The main goal of my sensory experiments would be to see if perceived tactile perception can be induced when visually perceiving or interacting with light. My experiments would center around connecting visual qualities of light to those of materials.

I would have to do further studies into visual and textile of materials through the readings, and try to formulate more concrete experiments with light using those that were conducted with materials. I plan to conduct at least two simple experiments in the following week before the presentation on Friday (week 6).

Some concepts/ ideas I am working with:
– Television static and the sensation of uncomfortable tingling or prickling, ‘pins and needles’
– Diffused (soft) vs. Sharp (hard) light, associating a tactile quality to light quality
> If a ray of hard light (laser, projection, etc) comes towards you, would you avoid it with your body?
– Studying motion/ rhythm of light (black and white) and sensory and neural conditions (epilepsy, hypnosis, vertigo, dizziness)
> Replacing objects with light?
– Optical illusions with light? Translating 2D to 3D with projected/ physical light?
> Akiyoshi Kitaoka http://www.ritsumei.ac.jp/~akitaoka/index-e.html
– Squinting at light > diffraction effect

UPDATES (Sensory experiments)
– Will update the type and specifications of the small sensory experiments that I intend to do over the week here

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