Mobile Phone Dock – Sketches and Model-making


For reference, I looked into some phone docks made of clear materials/glass and ceramic as I wanted a clean and sleek finish for my phone dock.

I started by sketching basic and rough sketches of possible phone docks. Inspired by the smoothness and simplicity of perfume bottles, in particularly the bottle of Chance Eau de Parfum Chanel.

CHANCE Eau De Parfum Spray
Streamlined drop bottle J’adore Eau de Parfum DIOR
Rough initial design

I adopted the circular volume for the body of the phone dock, with an insertion at the top for the phone and speakers by the side. After consultation, I realised the design was too simplistic and clunky.


Side profile sketches

Retaining the circular form, I added some volume at the back of the design to add weight and create balance. The side profile is morphed into a streamlined tear drop shape. Instead of inserting the phone from the top, I have given a frontal platform for the phone to be placed. The backing will be slanted at an angle backwards for the phone to lie upon.

Frontal view sketches

The front of the phone dock will have a circular volume where the protruded platform will have rounded corners.

Top view of phone dock

The circumference of the circle will be rounded to mimic the roundedness of glass surfaces. The white areas are the slanted surfaces.

Bottom view of phone dock

The volume of the phone dock will curved towards a flat bottom, such that the phone dock can stand on its own.


For the model of the phone dock, I decided to construct it in two parts – the frontal platform and the backing.

Measuring the dimensions and size

Measuring the slanted angle for phone to lie on

Making of the platform

The width of the platform was subsequently reduce to create the teardrop side.

Making of the backing – sanding down the foam

Final form of the backing
Cutting of the circular form

The front and back are fitted together using foam  glue.


Final design

I would like to construct the phone dock with either glass or ceramic to give a clean and minimal look.


With phone













  1. The finish of the model could have been done better – perhaps I should have used or made effective sanding tools.
  2. Could have included the speakers and buttons (charging portI into the model)

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