Pandora’s box – Model 1


I defined tension  as evoking a sense of uncertainty and insecurity, that acts to create suspense. Using the act of pulling by gravity, I gingerly balanced the sub-dominant component to slightly levitate above the ground, to create instability. The connecting sub-ordinate was asked to be as thin in width as possible to create the illusion of hanging and balance upon a thin surface, amplifying the tension of the floating component versus the rootedness of the dominant component.

Front & Back view

Side views

Top view
Bottom view


 Red- Dominant, Blue – Sub-dominant, Yellow – Sub-ordinate


To compose a more complex structure, I used piercing by extending the sub-ordinate through the sub-dominant component. The subordinate is also wedged into the dominant surface.

Problem: By extending the sub-ordinate, it gives more stability to the structure but contradicts the theme of tension. Previously, the sub-dominant structure was hanging upon a point, creating more tension.




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