Zoom Performance – “Blow” and “Sneeze”

Zoom Performances

Performed by Alina and Tanya

Performed by Alina and Fizah

In the current times, how often does a sneeze/ cough capture our attention in public? So rarely do we ever feel the “closeness” of another person without fear or are we fully comfortable to do certain acts – such as sneezing or blowing – without them being seen as blasphemous. The performances of “banned actions” are meant to trigger some discomfort, serving as a humorous commentary to the effect of the pandemic on our personal behaviours.

CONCEPT – Play between Action and Response

The virtual performances “Blow” and “Sneeze” explores the link between an action and its resultant effect in disconnected settings. Making use of online communication tool ‘zoom’ and physical objects, the performances aim to create an illusion of ’cause and effect’, using what can and can’t be seen on the screens. By timing and recreating the visual response of an action, the videos attempt to distract the viewers from distance and disjunction between the “connected” individuals.

Concept sketch

Window Display Installation by Tokujin Yoshioka for Maison Hermès, Tokyo

The idea was inspired by an interactive window display by Tokujin Yoshioka where a screen displaying a woman “blowing” into a hanging scarf. The movement of the scarf responds to the simultaneous act of blowing, creating a perception where there is an actual person performing the action. The concept of connecting two disparate platforms is applied to our zoom performances, bridging our “distance” across virtual communication.

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