DA9012-Tutorial References


More Research on Technique


This one could be used for the abstraction of the cloud.


This technique could be used for the end and for the removal of the jade cup.


This could be used for the transaction of the shapes.


In this video, what I noticed is the way they incorporated the Chinese traditional elements with very modern geometric shapes and colours, and their ways to convey the idea of space by showing the depth of the scene and how they played with different perspectives. This is what I have rarely seen from our projects. You can feel that some scenes of this video are like engulfing from the outside, hence inviting people to join a more immersive experience.






DA9012 Concept

Key Visual Elements: 

Luminous wineglass


-Traditional Chinese Pattern(ie. ribbon)

-The geometric pattern from Elphi.


Moodboard Reference:



Architectural Reference(Interior)

Concept Development:

Dunhuang was a major stop on the ancient Silk Road and is best known for the nearby Mogao Caves, however, the prosperous Dunhuang did not flourish overnight. Wars between different regions happened due to the convenient geological advantage of Dunhuang. Thanks to those garrison soldiers, who secured the safety of Silkroad qith their time and loneliness. While they were on duty, they will drink wine under the moonlight(see Luminous wineglass, a famous jade cup from Dunhuang), missing their family. The wall painting of Dunhuang flying bodhisattvas might actually paint by them, the soft facial features and the elegant movement, the harmonious use of colours, seem to be their unique self-reflection, to express their hope for returning home and finding peace. There’s an illusional, beautiful world in their heart, in contrast with the brutal wars and bleak desert.

The main idea is to explore the relationship between war(minimal) and art, to depict my own version of imaginary life back then, and also to provide a peaceful feeling for people on their way to their destination.




Some Scenes


the circle is like the painting is calling to restore the history/story, and here comes the moon, as the source of light, to reveal the story.

The wine in the glass is like a stage or mirror, showing the story.

Next Step

  1. Refined the assets
  2. Start to work on After Effects, finish the first 20 seconds. Test out the time and decide which part to be animated.



Technique Research