Deliverable 1 _Board Game_The Price of Being Single

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The tpobs stands for The Price of Being Single, which is a board game that addressed the issue of the invisible discrimination that single people face in life. This board game creates an immersive role-playing experience, making players experience all the inconvenience that single people face in a fun and joyful way, which will lead to reflection on mindsets and presumptions. Together we can create a more inclusive and friendly society.
The mechanism is similar to Monopoly which allows 2-6 players. Players start by drawing the pink character cards, where they will decide their marital status and basic salaries. The basic salary is set almost the same, but with tiny difference to enhance the playability of the game, it is the money that each player get at the beginning of the game.
One user will be the banker who collects all the money, then all players start at the red start spot, throwing dice and following the number. Players will encounter four types of known spots, which are new skills/properties/jobs/place. They can decide whether to invest money to get the respective skill/property/job, if it is a place, the player has to re-throw the dice. For skill/property, the player collect money from other players who land on such spot, for job, the player gets the money from the banker on each round.
There are also two unknown spots, which are opportunity cards (purple) and daily situation cards (blue). Players might lose money or get bonus, just like how we deal with unpredictable situations in life.
A player is considered lost the game if he or she cannot pay for another player anymore, the last player is considered to be the winner.
Game Set

Character Cards 
6 cards

Opportunity Cards 
4 * 4 sets =16 cards


Situation Cards 
8 * 2 sets =16 cards


Job/Skill/Property Cards 
5 job cards
7 skill cards
3 property cards
two sets for each
30 cards

Money Cards 
180 cards


Game Board

42.0 x 42.0 cm