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DA9012 Final

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Link to the full process: Silk Moon Process and Storyboard

Link to the troubleshooting: Troubleshooting

Link to tutorial: Tutorial

Link to the concept: Concept


Final for Elphi


Final for Media Art Nexus



Silk Moon seeks to rediscover the journey of ancient Silk Road with the guide of the moon and to retell the prosperity of Dunhuang from a modern perspective in today’s context. By doing so, the artworks explored the eternal beauty created alongside the route, and also celebrated the great achievement of cultural exchange in history.



This project contains two parts. The first part starts from 0 min to 1min05s, and the second part is the rest of the clip.

Part 1 is to represent the rise and invention of the silk road, the sand represents the sand of the desert environment, but also implies different cultures and merchants are scattered alongside the road. The particles gradually form the moon together signifies how the silk road brought people together despite the geological boundaries and physical obstacles. It lightens the background, which is a painting from Mogao Cave in Dunhuang, it is a symbol of the great cultural exchange. The diffusion of the moon represents the huge influence it created.

Part 2 started with the moon shining and growing, and all different sized golden rain dropped down. It revealed today’s perspective of looking into the prosperity of the ancient silk road, the going down movement symbolized how we inherit the generous legacy, and the moving background implies that there will be more change in the future. In the end, the water from both sides acts like the curtain from the theatre, implying the old marine silk road which went through Singapore and also closed the story smoothly.



Making a 2-minute long video which is simple but elegant, to create a relaxing and calmming feeling for passengers on their way.


Main Restrictions

  • It has to be mainly monochrome due to the restriction from the Germany side. (Hence the outcome on the screen is duller than the moodboard)
  • It cannot be too bright, otherwise, it will hurt the eyes and creates distractions.
  • Every element must be in a slow speed, due to the large size of the screen.




Main Focus

The main focus is to keep the following frame so it resonates well with the interior of Elphi. At the same time, it cannot be too much, otherwise, the golden strips will lighten up the whole space and became a light source.




DA9012 Concept

Process and Moodboard

DA9012 Process and Story Board


DA9012 Troubleshooting



DA9012-Tutorial References