[Experimental Interaction] MICRO PROJECT 2- Crowd-Sourced Art

Micro Project 2- Crowd-sourced Art



The content of the work is the contribution of the keynotes that generates auditory and visual feedback in the form of a musical beat. The creators, Jasmine and I, are responsible for going around the faculty to obtain the input of the participants. We set a sample size of 10 initially with the restriction of only allowing the addition of 1 keynote. It is then followed by 5 individuals who are given the choice of adding or subtracting 1 keynote. Lastly, we end it with having 5 more participants to have complete freedom to alter the graph.

It generates social interaction through the ability to influence the eventual outcome, possibly altering the previous participants’ input. Even though the platform is digital, we gather the inputs through analog social interactions. This enables data to be quickly gathered as compared to the slow process of waiting for response through social media means.

This is different from the works from a solo artist because the outcome is unpredictable due to the different guidelines set for the three groups of participants. There are also other elements at play here; the end of the day atmosphere and the activity each individual is doing at the point of time. These influences the response each participant gives. The final work then narrates the overall sentiments of the people in and around ADM at that period of time represented by the musical beat it forms.

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