As I was brainstorming for ideas, I realised how magicians simply can be considered as the mainstream participatory art creators. Comedians too, even if it is a performance art because it shows a sequence where they interact with others to create meaning, especially entertainment.

So, therefore, my first artist is Charlie Chaplin. And the particular work(skit) is this video.

In this sequence, he creates a situation where his actions invoke emotions from the people around him. His attitude is very different from the other man in the top hat. This inspired me to create a work where my actions will make the audience react to my requests. Maybe the style of using silence to enhance the meaning can be applied in this project.

For my second artist, I remembered going for the Rainforest Lumina event at the Singapore Zoo. It is created by Moment Factory.

Thinking back, this is a good example of an interactive art installation. There was one that especially focuses on the volume of our voice. The louder we shout, the higher the intensity of the light rays that shoot out. An example can be viewed on the youtube video as attached. ( starts from 5:20 )



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