A project that scared the heck out of me because it is so abstract in the execution process. It was nearly impossible to ideate this project until it came to my mind.

My concept revolves around the exploration of the relationship between society and man. Man’s ever-enduring quest to achieve something. Even if the quest becomes harder to reach, the reward getting lesser and even if society wants a piece of the reward. I start to illustrate my idea for consultation.

The feedback after the consultation was that there was a missing link of the artist(me) with the audience. From here, I design a communication sequence that eventually consists of four acts.


Act 1: Bargain For Two

Exchange for more? is it as simple as that? Here I explore how people are willing to exchange their reward for more at the risk of the questionable qualities of new items.

Act 2: Diminishing returns

I explore the extent an individual will go to achieve something. Starting with 3 KitKats, then two, then 1. Unfortunately, I underestimate the length of the pole, which should be much higher when there is only 1 KitKat left to show the relationship between difficulty and lesser reward.

Act 3: A piece of your reward

In this act, I showcase chocolate that is taped together. Upon the retrieval of the chocolate, I, which represents society, took back a certain amount(more than half). This represents how society wants a portion of your reward when the effort is solely by the individual.

Act 4: How far will you go?

The last segment, I explore the extent people will strive to reach the goal.


The cues for the performance, how to attract people to get involved. And personally, the transition between acts, and the preparatory aspect of the elements (the rewards)

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