[FD DRAWING] Midterm assignment


Combining many of the lessons and concepts of drawing learnt,

  • The assignment is to design a composition that depicts a space that I feel would be interesting to record.
  • To use the toned paper technique as well as the line drawing spacial design technique in the drawing.
  • To take note of certain properties – Perspective planes, Composition design, Cropping, Positive/negative space, Draftsmanship, Personal goals


Self Analysis

Why did I choose to draw what I did?

Initially, I wanted to draw an outdoor environment, alas, it just happens to rain when I was going to start on this assignment. I do not want to reschedule my time to another day to do the work because my personal belief is when I allocate a given set of time to produce something, I will use that allocated amount of time to achieve something out.

What challenges did I set for myself to achieve?

To create that depth that allows the viewer to feel like they are able to enter with the aid of creating an atmosphere to the viewer. A different atmosphere that generates a different feeling.

What do I think I was able to achieve? What would I like to continue to work on if I had more time?

I was able to utilise the lighting to create my depth. Together with the specific spot to observe and draw this perspective, two focal points were built. One is the collection of still lifes found on the dining table. Certain objects are removed from the composition to prevent clutter and to enhance a clean area of the composition. Another is the lighted room which is the kitchen. 

No, I would not continue to work on it as it might result in me toning/enlightening the work too much which could affect the overall work and the depth that was achieved.

Peer Analysis

What is the most striking thing that you can name in the image? What kind of drawing are you seeing?

The tones. There is an eerie/mysterious feel, unwelcoming sense.

What are you observing in terms of subject matter, narrative?

There are stillness and loneliness, weak signs of life.

How do the aesthetics of the drawing appear? Do they seem naturalistic or contrived? Honest or fabricated?

Honest and accurate. They seem natural.

What area of the drawing can you tell the artist was heavily invested in? How do you know? What part did the artist seem to linger in? Does that make it seem like they were particularly interested in that area? How do you know?

Background, textures and details are more obvious. Kitchen table and background because there are higher tonal value ranges. Yes, there is a detailed study to pull details out of the background.

Are there areas that might profit from more attention or dedicated looking from the artist? What are they and why?

The foreground object can have more focus. The division of the walls as well. The chair in the foreground seems to be part of the floor. Wall separation is not obvious.

What can you say about the composition? How do you think the artist used composition design to create meaning? Be specific and use examples.

Focused. Artist does not waste time on objects that are not his focus. A stark contrast in tones encourages the composition to give a sense of loneliness.

How do you think the artist tried to challenge themselves? What drawing, narrative or design challenges do you see and how do you know?

Limited tonal range as a form of a challenge as he draws a dark scene. Drawing in the dark, with a limited light source.

How would you challenge this artist moving forward? What would you suggest might increase the power or meaning in the artwork?

There can be details in his artwork by using darker tones in replacement of lines. There is a focus but yet the objects are not clear.

What artists or designers would you suggest this artist look at for inspiration? What about those artists seems relevant to you?



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