Graphic Form | Assignment 1: Image Making Through Type (Final Artwork)


Comments from peers:


“Good use of elements and shadow! It makes the work pop ♥ fabulous”

“I love how the artist manipulate each element to be alphabets. It’s a nice balance between bright and dark colours.”

“I like how ur work clearly conveys ur name and the occupation”

“I enjoy the details of your work, overall they look very polished. I love the way the knife & blood draws your ‘A'”

“I like how the use of the weapon and the aftermath forms the letter, very creative and also the details are on point”

“Very vector & geometric feel ~ professionally executed!”

“Hello! I really like the web hacker one. I think you made good use of the colour scheme and the chip idea. The bright neon highlights are also placed strategically for your name.”

“really nice work!! i think you interpreted and portrayed your jobs really well. i especially like the serial killer piece!!”

“I think the serial killer and hacker portrays your name well!”

“I like the A in serial killer…with the movements & all haha dk (sic) why but the flower makes me imagine a narrative alr? lool. (sic)”

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