Sem project Ideation 2

The thing: Our hands !

We use it to make sound, create visuals, orchestrate, feel etc.

During this crisis, the loss of connection within society has become even more apparent. So how can continue to connect with others in new and interesting ways, sensorially and visually?

Player can communicate by using hand gestures over the leap motion controller/some other hand gesture detection device.

On the other side, another player can connect by experiencing the ‘mist’ performance that’s orchestrated from the other end.


Dress code: Black


Topic/context: Connection during covid

Tech: Leapmotion, TD, Arduinos, Ultrasonic misters, DIY sensing pad

Covid: Is observed. One player at each station. Use sanitizer as misting liquid

Ideas for Project 1

Sync (Longing, connection)

  • 2 players sit across each other
  • they are connected by touch via the ropes, and can feel each other’s movements
  • the string with cone provides audio feedback between players

Night scenario

An illuminated trough of water in the middle that can highlight the movement of the strings.

the seating areas can be slightly illuminated to provide a hint of participants

Initial Ideas for Semester Project


  • Each slave node consists of five LEDs
  • the LEDs on the slave node shine according to how close a player is and how many are near a node(about a meter from the node, this is designed with COVID precautionary measures in mind)
  • each player, on entering, will bring up a webapp on their mobile. the app tracks their movement and generates colors and sounds continuously as they move around the space
  • once a slave node has five players stationed there, it will shine brightly (in a particular color that is in sync with the color shown of the user’s mobile browser) and a soothing melody is played as well
  • there are 2-3 of these slave nodes
  • as more of the 3 slave nodes are occupied, the master node’s brightness will increase, more sounds are also produced
  • the ambient sounds are also modulated partially by the players movement around the space
  • there is possibly a projection near the master node with a dynamic visual generated in realtime(a tracing of collective movement of people around space)

Initial Ideas for Flash Mob Perf


  • There are several zones each associated with different instruments
  • players start anywhere on the playing field, with their mobile browser pointing to a given webapp; they have no idea what instruments are in each zone
  • on entering a zone, they will see a prompt on the browser, with some instructions for how to make sounds(by shaking phones etc.)
  • users are allowed to explore the area, with the possibility of realizing that there are different instruments
  • users will be able to hear in realtime the collective sounds that are made by all players

Thoughts: Illuminating Embodiment by Rafael Lozano

Relational architecture, is an interesting concept. I interpret it as re-making the architecture, from a cold, emotionless structure, to one that allows and facilitates connection between people. From Rafael’s Relational Architecture series, one can experience new ways in which structure drives communication/connection, bring people together, help people relate to each other, or simply bridging the gap between strangers.

Here are three other pieces, other than the ones mentioned in the article, that I felt have achieved the feat of transforming architecture into a wondrous medium, almost imbuing it with organic, life-like qualities at times.


Border Tuner / Sintonizador Fronterizo, 2019

Players at six different sites use a beam of light to ‘connect’ with one another. When the powerful light beams intersect each other, players can communicate with each other using the provided microphone.

Strangers, prompted by this magical mechanism of light beams connecting across the sky, connect and speak to someone miles away.


Remote Pulse, 2019

Players at the station can feel another player’s pulse at another station when he/she places his/her palms on a provided hand interface.

The transfer of something as human as a pulse elicits a sense of connection, between strangers, without need for words, sound or visuals.


Voice Tunnel, 2013

A tunnel, filled with lights, is controlled by voice recordings of participants who speak into a special intercom in the middle of the tunnel. As new people participate, old recordings get pushed away down the array of lights. The “memory” of the installation is always getting recycled, with oldest recordings on the tunnel edge and newest in the middle.

This tunnel represents time, time in which people have come and passed, similar to how people come and go, shaping the world around them as they pass along. The metaphor of voice recordings represent the unique individuality in everyone of us, and the light intensities provide a visual metaphor for the liveliness of the individuals that have participated in the tunnel.



Assignment 1 Sketch

Take the words you used described when prompted by question “What is the feeling you associate with HOME?” and create a SKETCH of how you might visualise this sensibility.  How has this changed due to Covid-19?


Longing and connection are terms I associate with HOME; people who I enjoy company of, and spending time doing things with. Covid-19 has brought about many changes to our lives, our movement around the island, and our routines.

The way I am thinking of visualising this is to setup a repository of recorded life experiences, a family meal at the table, a hike in the forest with friends, a day at the beach, window shopping at the mall. These experiences will be recorded visually and aurally, and with the help of a homemade projector, and a good set of earphones/speakers, one can setup his/her space(be it indoors or outdoors) and partake in an activity with other people. These experiences will also be location encoded, so a relevant experience can be automatically activated in a certain location; e.g. a forest walk experience in park.

This concept shares similarities to the location-based triggering of audio scapes, with an additional optional visual element.

The visual experiences(take the family meal example) will feature simple setups to mimic the real experience, including steps like meal prep, cooking, serving, then meal time and table chat.


Update: 7 Sep.

An aural landscape can help recreate a scenario quite vividly, even without means of visual cues. Through this, connection to loved ones can be made, albeit fleeting. The participant is presented with a set of sounds. There are a few categories of sounds: ambient environment, people conversation, secondary sfx(like rain, water flowing, etc.)

Depending on the type of scenario the user would like to recreate, he/she can choose the appropriate sounds, adjust each layer’s volume, to tailor his/her aural experience to a specific setting.

Layers of blurred images are mixed procedurally, and projected faintly to a screen in front of user. These images relate to the custom-made aural landscape, and provides a hint of the scenario’s lightscape.

Initial ideas for Instruction Art


User visits website, and is assigned a random VO. He/she submits a video accordingly. A video compilation of all submissions is created when all VOs are done.



  • Take a photo of a place that in your opinion is magical and share it with the world; e.g. a hidden secluded forest in the midst of city. If possible include a short description of where the location is.


Hug Mother Earth

  • Make your way to the closest place that has plenty of greenery(especially trees)
  • Find your favorite tree, and give it a hug!
  • Ask your friend/someone to take a photo and have it uploaded!


My precious

Gather 10 of these:

  • objects
  • pictures of places or things
  • people/animals

Take a picture and upload!



Choose your prefered mode of transport:

  • bus
  • car
  • bicycle/motorbike
  • train

Travel towards an area that you are not familiar with, stop whenever you feel comfortable/inspired.

Take a photo of what inspires you at this new, unfamiliar place, and share it by uploading.


Lighten Up! 

Make your way to the most uninspiring/normal/hideous place you can think of.

Get creative and use some naturally found objects and lighten the place up! Suggestion; maybe “turn it into a cozy and happy space”? 

Take a photo and share with the world. 

Give yourself a pat on the back, you might have just brighten up someone’s day with your work!

Non-exhaustive list:

  • flowers, 
  • twigs, 
  • fallen fruits
  • Leaves
  • Branches
  • Potted plants