proposals for sem prj



Idea 2: the bonsai master tele machine

what: a tele-presence machine that allows a bonsai master to physically manipulate a bonsai remotely.

why: you might have difficulty hiring a bonsai master in your area to help you with your new expensive hobby.


  • tabletop mechanism for bonsai (wk1)
  • remote hand (wk1-4)
  • hand controller (wk1-4)
  • camera (wk4/5)


Idea 1:  cry baby

what: a crying ‘baby’ that only stops upon encountering solar power/movement(lots of)

why: to encourage physical movement and getting out in the sun.

Idea 3: peace-seeker

what: a machine that helps guide you towards a solidarity and contemplative state.

why & how: could be useful in a (future) highly contagious pandemic situation. all we need is a direction indicator to take us on the ‘right’ path.


Sketch – Multimodal

A pair of wrist devices to help people find each other. When facing each other, LED shines most brightly. The capacitative buttons and vibration motors work in tandem to allow simple tactile communication between them.