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Assignment 1 ideas

Int space

Idea 1 – listening with intent

  • A rope laid out in a straight line
  • 2 person stand facing away from each other at both ends of rope
  • Aim is to reach middle first by walking backwards
  • Each person has metal dish with a metal spoon.
  • One person starts by quietly walking . There is no timing to when he/she chooses to start .
  • Other person listens carefully, and sounds the dish if he/she can hear the other person walking.
  • If person walking is caught, he/she stops and the turn is passed on to other by sounding of dish a few times
  • This continues till one reaches middle

Idea 2 – trust, communication without words

  • A rope laid out in a straight line, about 4-5m?, on a grass field
  • 2 person stand facing each other at both ends of rope, with both hands holding onto rope in a tug-of-war position
  • both people try to coordinate with each other to lean backwards on an increasingly acute angle while relying on the other for support, without using any words
  • goal is to see how acute an angle can be achieved

Idea 3 – instead of relying on visual for memory tasks, rely on touch

  • there is a table with 10 objects, placed in a big shallow box, with an opaque lid
  • 2 people stand  opposite of each other, one of them blindfolded
  • first(non-blind-folded) person chooses 5 objects and arranges it in a certain order from left to right, he/she has to remember it
  • first person claps, signaling second person to start by touching the objects n memorising the order
  • when done, second person claps, and first person can proceed to jumble up all the items with the other remaining unused objects, then claps again when done
  • second person then proceeds to try and recreate the ordered objects, and claps when done
  • if the order is correct, the first person double claps, and the game is over