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As an interdisciplinary artist, I have many different passions; woodworking, computer graphics, electronics, sculpture, gardening and handicrafts.

I aim to create simple, direct and thought-provoking work by melding handcrafted physical spaces seamlessly with technology.

As an artist I look forward to constant growth, and a sense of satisfaction when my labor of love gets enjoyed and appreciated.


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In-Sync seeks to reconnect people through the act of pure simple play. The pandemic has necessitated the need for physical distancing, but we are still able to have fun while staying safe. The installation provides 2 seats for strangers to share a brief moment together, through the simple act of seating and interacting with the living soundscape. The interaction is designed to be pure, simple and free of complexities, much like a children’s playground.

Curiosity vs Tradition

I made a highly experimental sandbox game while trying to learn more about how the Unity engine works. This is based on the idea of curiosity and tradition and how it influences the rise and fall of modern societies. This is made as a simple playground for generating content on the superb platform, Unity.


The Petri Dish

Information has become commonplace and democratised. But as we head further into the next few decades, how will information continue shaping our daily lives and influence how we carry out our daily tasks?

The project, affectionately named “The Petri Dish”, is a social commentary on how we have come to embrace information that is fed to us in an unquestioning manner. Will we use our intuition to understand and make wise choices, or will we lose our ability to perceive, succumb to our ‘technological overlords’ and follow their instructions blindly?




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