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Initial ideas for Instruction Art


User visits website, and is assigned a random VO. He/she submits a video accordingly. A video compilation of all submissions is created when all VOs are done.



  • Take a photo of a place that in your opinion is magical and share it with the world; e.g. a hidden secluded forest in the midst of city. If possible include a short description of where the location is.


Hug Mother Earth

  • Make your way to the closest place that has plenty of greenery(especially trees)
  • Find your favorite tree, and give it a hug!
  • Ask your friend/someone to take a photo and have it uploaded!


My precious

Gather 10 of these:

  • objects
  • pictures of places or things
  • people/animals

Take a picture and upload!



Choose your prefered mode of transport:

  • bus
  • car
  • bicycle/motorbike
  • train

Travel towards an area that you are not familiar with, stop whenever you feel comfortable/inspired.

Take a photo of what inspires you at this new, unfamiliar place, and share it by uploading.


Lighten Up! 

Make your way to the most uninspiring/normal/hideous place you can think of.

Get creative and use some naturally found objects and lighten the place up! Suggestion; maybe “turn it into a cozy and happy space”? 

Take a photo and share with the world. 

Give yourself a pat on the back, you might have just brighten up someone’s day with your work!

Non-exhaustive list:

  • flowers, 
  • twigs, 
  • fallen fruits
  • Leaves
  • Branches
  • Potted plants