in DM2009-PERFORMANCE & INTERACTION (TUT), Process, Research

Initial Ideas for Semester Project


  • Each slave node consists of five LEDs
  • the LEDs on the slave node shine according to how close a player is and how many are near a node(about a meter from the node, this is designed with COVID precautionary measures in mind)
  • each player, on entering, will bring up a webapp on their mobile. the app tracks their movement and generates colors and sounds continuously as they move around the space
  • once a slave node has five players stationed there, it will shine brightly (in a particular color that is in sync with the color shown of the user’s mobile browser) and a soothing melody is played as well
  • there are 2-3 of these slave nodes
  • as more of the 3 slave nodes are occupied, the master node’s brightness will increase, more sounds are also produced
  • the ambient sounds are also modulated partially by the players movement around the space
  • there is possibly a projection near the master node with a dynamic visual generated in realtime(a tracing of collective movement of people around space)