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proposals for sem prj



Idea 2: the bonsai master tele machine

what: a tele-presence machine that allows a bonsai master to physically manipulate a bonsai remotely.

why: you might have difficulty hiring a bonsai master in your area to help you with your new expensive hobby.


  • tabletop mechanism for bonsai (wk1)
  • remote hand (wk1-4)
  • hand controller (wk1-4)
  • camera (wk4/5)


Idea 1:  cry baby

what: a crying ‘baby’ that only stops upon encountering solar power/movement(lots of)

why: to encourage physical movement and getting out in the sun.

Idea 3: peace-seeker

what: a machine that helps guide you towards a solidarity and contemplative state.

why & how: could be useful in a (future) highly contagious pandemic situation. all we need is a direction indicator to take us on the ‘right’ path.