in DM2009-PERFORMANCE & INTERACTION (TUT), Final Project, Process, Research

Sem project Ideation 2

The thing: Our hands !

We use it to make sound, create visuals, orchestrate, feel etc.

During this crisis, the loss of connection within society has become even more apparent. So how can continue to connect with others in new and interesting ways, sensorially and visually?

Player can communicate by using hand gestures over the leap motion controller/some other hand gesture detection device.

On the other side, another player can connect by experiencing the ‘mist’ performance that’s orchestrated from the other end.


Dress code: Black


Topic/context: Connection during covid

Tech: Leapmotion, TD, Arduinos, Ultrasonic misters, DIY sensing pad

Covid: Is observed. One player at each station. Use sanitizer as misting liquid