Personal Diary,
T H E  J O U R N E Y
 Day #1, 9th December 2031. 

The last thing I remember was falling
Then a loud resounding thud through my head
Sickly red pooled around me.
Its warmth comforted me
as the darkness I wished for finally came.

The next time I opened my eyes, I found myself sprawled on red.
But this time, it wasn’t warm- it was cool and damp.
As I slowly sat up, I realised that I was surrounded by rolling hills of crimson red.
A dark sea of mis-colored grass, as if mocking me.
Even the sky was a deep shade of red…

The sun was setting, but the unsettling thing was that there were two moons.
One of the moons, so small it was barely noticeable in the presence of the other–
why, do I understand how that feels like?

However, they both radiated the same cold blue.
A reflection of the isolation I was feeling in this foreign place–
where is this?

I stood up.
Legs as heavy as lead, I trudged through the tall grass,
my head pulsating.
It felt as if an invisible string was pulling me, because I kept moving forward aimlessly.

As it got darker, I realised that a path began to reveal itself- 
lue illumination that didnt sit well amongst the sea of red
led me down the mountain and towards a small town nestled in the valley

The night was deathly silent as the two moons hung at their highest and brightest now.
The trail of light finally led me to an effulgent house.

It was the only thing in the whole town that was illuminated.
It felt so out of place. It beckoned to me —
have I seen this building somewhere else before? 

I felt it now, even harder. An invisible tug.
The nearer I got to the house, the more I felt my head clearing up.
By the time I reached the front door, my head was no longer hurting. 

As I opened the door,
A) it gave out a loud creaking sound and I cautiously stepped into the dark house.
B) a flood of emotions/memories coursed through me, physically knocking me off my feet.