Micro-Project 1: Creating the Third Space

When I think about a place of significance at ADM, the first place which comes to my mind would be the other end of the outdoor area at B1.

I decided to photograph this place, as I enjoyed the tranquility it was able to provide – the calming sound of moving water in the background, picturesque glass windows reflecting the sky, greenness of the verdant turfed roof, light breezes from the wind, and as well as a dose of the much needed sunlight. It was a place where my friends and I would go to almost every day; passing by while we make our way to and back from lunch, stopping there to consider about lunch options, and occasionally stoning there during our breaks from classes. The short exposure to this sense of peacefulness helps to take a little amount of anxiety away.

Although this space was probably just a walkway for people to get to and fro ADM, this space would change if a person or a group of people were to simply stop there, or hang out together there. It becomes not just a walkway but a space for breaks, inspirations, conversations, fond memories, and more.


Through this project, we were able to experience the concepts of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and Do-It-With-Others (DIWO). We were tasked to individually take photographs of our own significant places, and upload it with the hashtag to contribute to the #1010adm feed. The feed becomes a collage of ‘places’ in ADM, and although many of us might have similar photographs or ‘places’, they are all different in how they were significant to each of us, and the way we ‘uses’ these ‘places’.