Project Development Drawings

By Feriga & Sherry


Sensor: Tilt Sensor
Actuators: Vibrating Motor, LED Light Strip

How does your audience experience your project?

A person from the audience will put on a hat and a small bag ( containing the powerbank, arduino and breadboard ), and be tasked to use their phone while walking – similarly to how they would use their phone while walking. When he/she tilts the head down to use the phone, he/she would feel vibrations would be felt at the back of the head, and the people around would be able to see LED lights on the hat being switched on.

Is it for a single person to engage with your project or for multiple participants concurrently?

There would be multiple participants. One main participant will be the one who would put on the hat and use their phone while walking, whereas the other participants would be either planted or just people whom were walking along the same corridor / area – as spectators.

What is the interaction or situation you are creating for your audience?

We are trying to create the situation of how the main participant would be unaware of his / her surrounding when he / she was too engrossed using their mobile devices, and how the people around the surroundings would feel.

The uncomfortable vibration felt at the back of the head was to represent the self-reminder which was often pushed to the back of our minds.

What is the intention of this interaction?

The objective was to raise awareness about how people whom are engrossed with using their phone while walking in public are unaware of their surroundings, the inconveniences / problems they are causing to the people around them, and as well as the possible dangers.

The main participant being probably unable to understand the main objectives of the interaction fully if he / she was the main participant, was similar to how the people whom were using their phones while walking in public are unaware of their actions.

We are trying to put the main participants into the shoes of these people. As well as for the other participants, whom were probably guilty of doing this in public as well, into the shoes of the people whom were affected by such actions in the public.

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