Task 2 – Final Infographic Poster

Don’t Add Food to the Fire

I decided to go with this title as I liked how it was sort of like a play on words. It was inspired by the widely-used phrase, “adding fuel to the fire“, which meant making a situation worse. When used in the climate change / global warming context, the “fuel” could refer to the burning of fossil fuels, as well as our actions which contributes to climate change.

For my title, I replaced it with the word “food” to link to food waste, and how most of our food waste in Singapore are literally being burnt to reduce them into ashes before sending them to the Semakau Landfill. The title also meant how the burning of food also contributes to global warming and the worsening of climate change.

The word “food” in the title was treated differently in the infographic poster – resembling a food label being stick on to create further emphasis, and as well as it looking as if it was stick onto / covering the original word below it, which was supposed to be the word “fuel”.


Process / Refinements


Final Infographic Poster

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