Imperitopia – Film Pitch

In a world where everyone and everything is governed through Virtual Reality, two individuals rebel and attempt to break away from control. 

Treatment: Imperitopia

Working Title: Imperitopia


In a world where everyone and everything is governed through Virtual Reality, two individuals rebel and attempt to break away from control.


007067 – A teenage boy, 17 years old, whose VR malfunctioned, but went unnoticed by the guards. Upon removal of his VR, he realises that the world is a lot bigger and attempts to break away from the government controlled society (Imperitopia) he was born into. He meets 007734.

007734 – A teenage girl, 16 years old, who has gone her entire life without VR control, but refuses to tell 007067 why, and brushes off the question. She joins 007067 in trying to break free from the control of Imperitopia. It is later revealed she is the daughter of the supreme leader, 000001.

000001 – The father of 007734, supreme leader of Imperitopia. Believes he is doing the right thing for the society, protecting them by keeping them all in control through VR. Wishes for 007734 to take over his place in the future. 


007067 spends his entire life living under the control of Imperitopia, following the rules and system through a virtual reality (VR) system. Everything he does follows the schedule assigned by the government, controlled by the Supreme Leader, 000001. Standard protocol, when someone’s VR malfunctioned, it is picked up by one of the government officials (also controlled by VR) and is immediately declared defective, before they are blindfolded and led away to receive a new VR software. However, when 007067’s VR malfunctioned, it was detected in the system but the official watching at the time was not at his post due to another malfunction in another area. As a result, it went unnoticed at first. 007067 removes his VR and for the first time, sees the world for what it truly is. He begins to run away, frightened of what he realises his entire life had been, and runs into 007734, who helps him, provided in return, she can join him too. 007734 remains secretive and aloof to all his questions about how she was not controlled by VR. They are caught and brought to meet the Supreme Leader, 000001, and it is unveiled that he is 007734’s father. The film ends with 007067 being dragged back to his containment pod, and strapped back into his VR software, whilst 007734 is restrained by her father.

This tech dystopian, sci-fi story, tells the dangers and the supposed ideals of living in a dictatorship society.


We open up to a day in the life of what 007067 experiences. From a black screen, we here and alarm ring, and from a first person POV shot, we experience waking up, washing up in the mirror, getting to school, learning, eating, playing games with friends, heading home, having dinner with his family at home, doing homework, and going to bed. We cut to seeing him going through the same motions, the next day, but this time the audience sees a boy, wearing a VR system and running through the motions from a third person POV. 

Panning out, we see a whole room of people in their own containment pods, all wearing the same white one piece uniform, wearing a VR set, and all following the same regiment as 007067, but with minor twists (adults go to work, elderly a bit more relaxed, etc). We see 000001 standing above everyone, looking down through wide glass windows, watching them. There is a digital clock right in front of him, above everyone, displaying the time 2359 and the date 09/03/2330. He watches the clock turn to 0000, and the date change to 10/03/2330, before he turns and leaves, supposedly to bed.

The next day, from a third person POV, we see a group of five officials dragging off an anonymous member, who is screaming and waving his arms around madly. He had hit against 007067’s control panel, damaging it. we focus on 007067, we see him from a third person POV, before showing his experience from first person POV again. He is halfway headed to school, when a message appears, flashing across the screen WARNING: CODE 58394 PLEASE INFORM OFFICIALS. 

007067 calls out for help but no one is around to attend to him, all officials busy taking care of the anonymous man. Confused, 007067 removes his VR hesitantly. He blinks at the light and looks around, confused. He pushes against the door and stumbles out, looking around him at the individual containment pods of hundreds of people, all following their daily regime as dictated by VR. Frightened, he begins to run, turning random corners in hopes to find his way out of the maze of containment pods. 

He turns a corner and runs head first into 007734, and both fall back. They look at each other, confused. 007067 is about the scream when 007734 shushes him, stretching her hand out to him. He takes her hand and she leads him quickly around corners, until they reach a safe room. 

He demands to know who she is, but she shakes her head and simply says she did not want to be controlled so she wasn’t. She tells him she knows a way out, but she needs his help, and together they begin to plan an escape, to be executed that night. 

Come night time, they follow their escape plan of climbing through the vents and attempt to climb the fence out into a forested area surrounding the building, when they are caught and brought to see the Supreme Leader. Supreme Leader greets 007734 warmly, addressing her as his daughter, much to the horror of 007067. She shuns away from her father, turning away from him. Meanwhile, 007067 is still stunned, betrayed, and sits silently. 

000001 begins to tell 007067 about why he runs Imperitopia, how he does it to protect them, that if they didn’t have Imperitopia, how all of humankind would die due to diseases, animal attacks, accidents, and other causes. He calls in the Officials who march in (all wearing VRs). They force feed 007067 a pill to make him forget the past 24 hours, before forcing a VR system over his eyes and carrying him back to his containment pod. 007734 is restrained by her father, screaming after them. 

Nu Wa

Mummy, where do people come from?

Done by
Joanna, Ridhwan, and Skye


This was hard to write but it’s one of my last memories of someone who was once very important to me. It wasn’t recent but it was without a doubt something that impacted me greatly.



Visual Storytelling P1 Process 1.0

For the 5 sequential images, I have decided to depict the story of a person who finds consolation and peace in Religion.

  1. In the first image, we see the Person sitting on the ledge of the bridge. Cropping the image in such a cramped manner, as well as editing it in darker, cool colours, reflects the Person’s inner pessimistic feelings of entrapment and their inability to look further than the turmoil and struggles that they are in at the point in time.

  2. In the second image, we see the Person having climbed off the bridge and sitting at the side of the river instead. Flushing the focus (the Person) into the corner, causes the Person to appear small and helpless, a depiction of the negativities that they feel (refer to image 1). Yet at the same time, by bringing it a larger background, it creates the sense that there may be other possibilities and choices for the Person, which could also suggest why they had climbed off the bridge. The colours whilst still dark, appear a little brighter to suggest to the audience that there is a possibility of a brighter prospect for them.

  3. In the third image, we see the Person walking towards a Pagoda. The Person being in the act of walking towards the Pagoda is a clear sign that they are taking a step towards finding a solution to settling their worries. The colours here are significantly more vibrant than the previous two photos, to suggest to the audience that there is a brighter future ahead for them.

  4. The Person’s first entrance into the Pagoda, where they have a moment within, to suggest quiet contemplation and appreciation. The swirling pattern brings a constant, calm, feeling, combined with the soft, light colours.

  5. In the final image, we see the Person kneeling on the ground in the light of the window. The photo is significantly brighter as compared to the first image, to suggest the development of the Person’s emotions through the passage of time. By heavily focusing on the Person’s knees and not showing the rest of them, it once again contrasts with the beginning where the Person was made to appear small, helpless, and entrapped. Here, the Person appears to be bigger than the photo and their problems, suggesting character building as they work to develop themselves into a bigger and better person.