Thieves Market


Week two was a bit bizarre week as for 3D class, we had to come down to my favourite place to hang out last time which was Sungei Road! (Okay I kid, it was somewhere around there as there’s a lot of shops to buy my motorbike’s accessories).

It was my first time taking a stroll here as well, didn’t know they sell some good stuff. But anyway, we had to make an animal/human sculpture from combining parts so we scavenge whatever parts we can find here.

I didn’t have anything in mind in particular as I have some old bike parts at home when I was doing spring cleaning. But I got a collection of peacock feathers for dead cheap 2 bucks! That’s where I thought maybe I could make a peacock (ambitious much).

Image result for peacock feather


Walked around under the scorching hot sun for a few hours and got some other unnecessary stuffs like old spoons and headlight just because I can and scared I wouldn’t have enough materials for my peacock.

Project 1B – The Lost Scythe



In a world where Angel, Devil and Elf co-exist, a legendary death scythe, Voix was stolen from the seventh heavens. The scythe holds immense power to bring back the dead or slay and take their remaining time to the owner. Traforeid, one of the strongest Angel of Death, was tasked to find the missing Scythe.

Upon descending from the seventh heavens to the mortal realm, she found out that it was stolen by a renowned mercenary elf named Aitnalav who was seen running away when she saw Traforeid.

Neiak, the Devil who reign in the wretched Hell had actually hired Aitnalav to steal the legendary death scythe for his own greed. But it turns out that Aitnalav herself has betrayed Neiak as she wants to resurrect the first ever Elv, to conquer all the realms!


Character name: Traforeid, one of the strongest Angel of Death who was tasked to find the missing legendary scythe, Voix which was stolen.


Character name: Neiak, the Devil who ruled over Hell Neiak, the Devil who’s lifespan is about to be over soon had hired a mercenary to steal the legendary scythe to prolong his life.


Character name: Aitnalav, not much is known about this elf except that she is a renowned mercenary who works for those who will pay her more. She was hired by Neiak to steal the legendary scythe, Voix from the seventh heavens.

2D – What have we done so far

The journey to find the Emoism is going to be tough, but here’s what I have did so far in the classes.


During week 2 on the 19th August 2016, we had a chance to test different methods on mark making by using the rollers to imprint and make designs to illustrate the emotions that we wanted to potray.

There’s two different sizes of the rollers that were available for us to use as you can see above. I also manage to scavenge a broken tile lying somewhere around my hall and use it as a mark making tool. Though the result wasn’t really that good, I proceeded on to experiment on using other materials.



I managed to be comfortable on using the rollers as you could see, and experimented on the different gradients that you could make by applying the correct amount of paint and the pressure you put on.



I tried to shift my attention to making lino and carve some design, but it was a failure as  I did not really know the proper technique (at first) on how to carve design onto it. So I proceeded on to rage and release all my tensions on more rubber roller design!

IMG_1995 IMG_1996

I personally loved how the above turned out as  I really was randomly scatter paint and activated my nonsensical technique. Such art.



Special mention to my other classmates and the design that they created in this class!  So much hidden talent.


I managed to carve my lino thanks to the help of Zerzer where she showed me the proper and easier way to carve the design.


The big reveal. It was supposed to be a test on writing the word ST (Shi Teng for short) to see whether it will come out correctly or not, guess we have to mirror image if you wanna write the word.

Really enjoyed this class as it was a change in pace where we do not really have to think and just experiment with the tools  that we have in our hands!

It’s all about the identity.


Two heroes trying to battle it out with each other, when there’s a bigger enemy out there.



It doesn’t matter who you are with, it’s the happy (or sad) memories that you created that counts



Is reality really that bad that you need augmented reality to spice up your life?
Count your blessings



Everyone has the ability to develop to their fullest potential, all it takes is effort (I think).

I feel that I’m at my most comfortable as I have been manipulating my photos for quite sometime (back in the days). I would love to challenge myself in creating story sequences next as I feel having a story added to the photos will have better impact on the audience.

The idea generation flowed to me naturally as I already had something in mind when I first saw the project brief, however I think it lacks more impact as stated previously.

Gotta learn more new techniques from my awesome classmates.

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Because I can stop time

Name: Abdul “Kai” Qayyum
Superhero Callsign: Invokerisation
Superpower: Time stopper
Drawn by: Vanessa “Teleporter” Tan
3 main attributes: Simple, Nonsensical, Annoying

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-16 at 3.55.42 PM