3D – String Sculpture Final


It all started with a simple Z (or inverted N?). Followed my study piece but this time with more proper planning

img_2424 img_2425

Poking exactly 55 holes for the base, and 55 holes on the spiral plane for time-efficient piece.



The final product, I call this master piece: spirála na vítr which translates to Helix of the Wind.

Nala the Peacock


Name: Nala
Species: Peacock
Ingredients: Made from feathers, a box of hello panda that was donated to me, a piece of cover set from my motorcycle that I found while spring cleaning a few weeks back, and a headlight as the base.

Honestly it was a bit tough piecing these 4 objects together as I was still indecisive on the main body to hold these for things together. But me being me just decide to do and think about it later.

IMG_2054_croppedUsed glue gun to piece the two fairings together to form the head and neck. Look at that lovely screw hole that forms the eye.

IMG_2053_croppedI then cut an opening in both the back and the bottom to slot in the feathers which were tied up using a string, and glued together with the lid of the hello panda. For the base it was quite stable as the opening of the base I cut it into an x shape to properly secure it.


I personally love how Nala fits in with all of her classmate’s animal creation. Look at how she oversees each other with love. Enjoyed the process of making the sculpture, but a little bit disappointed as I could have gotten a better material for the body of the peacock, and planned my time well so I could make another animal to pair up with Nala.

Thieves Market


Week two was a bit bizarre week as for 3D class, we had to come down to my favourite place to hang out last time which was Sungei Road! (Okay I kid, it was somewhere around there as there’s a lot of shops to buy my motorbike’s accessories).

It was my first time taking a stroll here as well, didn’t know they sell some good stuff. But anyway, we had to make an animal/human sculpture from combining parts so we scavenge whatever parts we can find here.

I didn’t have anything in mind in particular as I have some old bike parts at home when I was doing spring cleaning. But I got a collection of peacock feathers for dead cheap 2 bucks! That’s where I thought maybe I could make a peacock (ambitious much).

Image result for peacock feather


Walked around under the scorching hot sun for a few hours and got some other unnecessary stuffs like old spoons and headlight just because I can and scared I wouldn’t have enough materials for my peacock.