2DII – Tampines [zine process]

Inspired by these zines. I wanted a minimal look yet a little messy, adventurous and loud. So these design somehow have a bit of both but not quite yet.

There was a lot of thought given into putting the final layout. Especially the hierarchies, the flow of content, which photo to use for which page, the colour schemes.

The first version that I drafted was a formal, proper kind of food magazine style, which was quite boring and doesn’t have the appeal that I envisioned, so decided to scrap this version and redo another layout as a whole, but retaining the front and back cover. Continue reading “2DII – Tampines [zine process]”

4DII – Possession Obsession [proposal]

Table of Contents

1. Title + Concept

  • Story and Intention / Motive

2. Artist References

  • Tracey Emin & Museum of Broken Relationship
  • Film Aesthetics

3. Execution

  • Location & Space
  • Lighting
  • Props
  • Footage
  • Sound
  • Smell

1. Title: Possession Obsession

It is a narrative based idea on:
Everything is a passing moment, what can we do to preserve those memories? Why do people obsess over the physical things that link them to a memory, in hopes to possess it?
Preservation of memories, memories of someone you hold dear, hold true to the heart. Continue reading “4DII – Possession Obsession [proposal]”

4DII – To Us [process x final]

The challenge is real for this part of project as we have to focus on the sound part. I mainly record the background music by playing over on the iPhone, and record it straight from the camera to have the ambience sound, to make it seems like the music is part of the scene. Had fun recording the video as well with the group members. Though I took the concept to a different approach as I think that through sounds, you can really change the entire genre of the video itself so this video is to prove it and hopefully I managed to pull it off. Continue reading “4DII – To Us [process x final]”

2DII – Tampines [zine layouts]

8-Ball Zine Set #2
Pau Wau Publications & 8-Ball Zine

Full sized phots with focus on different angles of the picture for my prata-logy

Void Zine
Yeller Studio & Tyler Cristobal

Ice Skating Zine

Pasta Zine

possible cover design for my prata-logy.

Tamas Horvath

The zine layouts that I’ve looked into mainly focused on the subject topic, with geometries and full-sized photos which I will incorporate into my final zine layout.

2DII – Tampines [zine research]

Roti prata is a fried flatbread that is cooked over a flat grill. It is usually served with a vegetable – or meat-based curry and is from Singapore. Prata is also commonly cooked upon request with cheese, onion, banana, red bean, chocolate, mushroom or egg.

4DII – ArtScience Museum [exhibition visit]

On Tuesday, 28th February 2017. We went to Art Science Museum to visit the exhibitions by NASA and Future World.

Image result for nasa art science museum price

The exhibition by NASA mainly shows the artifacts that was retrieved by the astronauts and the history of NASA and their expeditions to space. It also featured a 1:10 scale of their spaceship which is very intricately done.

I noticed that the installations are dimly lit maybe to portray that since Space is kind of dark, it wanted to bring out the vibe of the installations.

Though not many usage of interactivity, it is mainly focused on the installations itself so it was a kind of a passive exhibition.

Nevertheless I did enjoyed the G-Force ride that makes your feel giddy from reliving and simulating the spaceship experience (though it was kinda pricey).

Future World on the other hand focused on the interactivity of the visitors to enhance the visual experiences. Although half of the installations was on renovation (particularly the light crystals thingy), we managed to have some fun on the interactive hopscotch that you can design your own gameplay. Pretty cool.

Although not many people realised it was actually a hopscotch, the artist could have visually add some semiotics to our traditional hopscotch so that visitors could relate it. I had to read up the installation to find out that it was actually an interactive hopscotch. Quite cool though as you are able to design the game with a display on the side with different shapes.

They also had a drawing sections which at first I thought it was just a normal installation, but turns out that if you color it and scanned it over, it will render it out on 3d and adds artificial intelligence (for the aquarium ones).

Just me being me, a little bit gothic art history that we had in our minds but turns out differently.

All in all, the exhibitions was a very refreshing experience. Really love the interactivity on the Future World and the ambience of NASA’s..