Project 1B – The Lost Scythe



In a world where Angel, Devil and Elf co-exist, a legendary death scythe, Voix was stolen from the seventh heavens. The scythe holds immense power to bring back the dead or slay and take their remaining time to the owner. Traforeid, one of the strongest Angel of Death, was tasked to find the missing Scythe.

Upon descending from the seventh heavens to the mortal realm, she found out that it was stolen by a renowned mercenary elf named Aitnalav who was seen running away when she saw Traforeid.

Neiak, the Devil who reign in the wretched Hell had actually hired Aitnalav to steal the legendary death scythe for his own greed. But it turns out that Aitnalav herself has betrayed Neiak as she wants to resurrect the first ever Elv, to conquer all the realms!


Character name: Traforeid, one of the strongest Angel of Death who was tasked to find the missing legendary scythe, Voix which was stolen.


Character name: Neiak, the Devil who ruled over Hell Neiak, the Devil who’s lifespan is about to be over soon had hired a mercenary to steal the legendary scythe to prolong his life.


Character name: Aitnalav, not much is known about this elf except that she is a renowned mercenary who works for those who will pay her more. She was hired by Neiak to steal the legendary scythe, Voix from the seventh heavens.

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