Project 3 – Type as Image, Pattern and Emotion

Project 3A

Initially I wanted to do swords and daggers to carry on the theme of romeo and juliet, but I guess it’s much better to do something you like.

I started out with doing lightstaber as my first image using this saber handle grip as a guide. Using various letters I cut, cropped and erased certain parts to fit into the image. Did the lightsaber with Futura. 

Then I started doing my second one which was the Darth Vader and decided to change the typeface for both the lightsaber and my whole image to be Cormorant Garamond.

Referenced image


I did the Darth Vader outlines instead of focusing on the dark parts as the typeface anatomy might not be seen (it will just be black blobs all over).

I then think that maybe I should do two characters with the lightsaber being the center axis between the dark and light side.

So I did a character from the ‘good’ side of star wars trilogy, the green cutie Yoda!

Really love doing type as image! Most probably for project 4 I will be doing the whole character or even wallpaper instead using solely on typeface!


Project 3B

For project 3B we are tasked to do patterns and since we have been studying so much about art history and mandalas I decided to one baased on the above moodboards.

And turns out from having mandalas, to snowflakes and christmas vibes. Really cool to just randomly clone the patterns to see how it will turns out without any planning (except for the first one).


Chose these two as the left one looks like a black hole, with a little bit of mandala vibes and illusion. While the right side, kinda looks like meteorite being spitted out from the black hole on the left. 😛

Project 3C

The first two version of Friendly and decided on the left one as there is a curved rhythm implying friendliness.

My first idea for depressed was actually the letters ELLO jumping down from the letter H implying depression, but then decided to just explore further and… if you see it you can’t unsee it, it’s an emoticon with H being the eyes and mouth while crying, O being the emoticon head and the letters ELL being the hair. Really impromptu but really love it!

I picked confused cause it was quite a pretty simple emotions, you just have to confused the viewer so I decided to jumble up the letters, and blow up the size.

Looking up arrogance meaning to be having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities. I decided to have a letter being bigger than other letters, signifying self-ego. Had a tough time deciding which one but I’d surely chose version 2 always.




Love project 3! A little bit time consuming but it was fun playing around with each individual typeface and the studies of their characteristics and traits of each and every character.

Don’t ever ever forget that every typeface, has also symbols and numbers to think of as well! 🙂


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