Robotics – HUMAN+ Museum Visit

Never thought I would have the chance to visit another Art Science Museum for free courtesy of NTU. It was really an eye opener as I saw one the most amazing work of art by renowned artist all over the world, and also a few local-bred artist, namely our own prof. Really intriguing and creepy (work of art is below), where just by using a simple motor, it could design a humanlike behaviour where it moves the eyes to look at  you using sensors? Nevermind the technical aspect, the behaviour itself is simple yet it is able to replicate the feeling of something watching you.

Another thing that made me creeped out was the baby museum where you genetically modify new-born babies to have added advantage to the real-world (e.g, intelligence, easily adapt to environment, anti-asthma). I feel a little bit sad for the babies if this were to come to life as they did not have a choice and from this exhibit, it displays how a human could go to the extreme ends to have an added advantage in reality.

Also a bonus exhibit that I love was the Afterlife, where supposedly you could choose what you become (things that emit energy, like batteries), and how some people would choose the weirdest of thing like a.. (I leave the imagination up to you)

Really loved the exhibits, wouldn’t mind going again in the near future if still available.


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