Thieves Market


Week two was a bit bizarre week as for 3D class, we had to come down to my favourite place to hang out last time which was Sungei Road! (Okay I kid, it was somewhere around there as there’s a lot of shops to buy my motorbike’s accessories).

It was my first time taking a stroll here as well, didn’t know they sell some good stuff. But anyway, we had to make an animal/human sculpture from combining parts so we scavenge whatever parts we can find here.

I didn’t have anything in mind in particular as I have some old bike parts at home when I was doing spring cleaning. But I got a collection of peacock feathers for dead cheap 2 bucks! That’s where I thought maybe I could make a peacock (ambitious much).

Image result for peacock feather


Walked around under the scorching hot sun for a few hours and got some other unnecessary stuffs like old spoons and headlight just because I can and scared I wouldn’t have enough materials for my peacock.

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