Typo I – Project 2A

For project 2A I decided to go Geylang and do Red Light District. While brainstorming I managed to come up with a quote for the place;

Love is not a one way street

It’s actually a play on the famous quote by an anonymous writer, “Love is a two-way street, not a one-way boulevard” which is not the case for Geylang where it’s famous for brothels.

When I was walking around Geylang, then an idea struck me, that I should actually take pictures of street objects, as it also adds strength to the quote that I picked.

Then I processed the photos as the photo looks very flat, so I adjusted the temperature to give a more vibrant but dark vibes.

I then arranged the individual letter with a asphalt tar background to emphasize the street.

First concept

And after consultation and review, I picked out those letter that were hard to read, and edit it to make it slightly clearer.



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