Typo I – Project 2B

For project 2B, I decided to use song titles from one of my favourite band as the ‘quote’ or text to be used as organic composition. At first I tried out using some traditional mark making or handwritten using markets and inks. Picked a song title called “You smile in your sleep” by Silverstein. But changed it since didn’t really have a feel for that quote.

Sooo.. I changed it to my all time favourite song to “Your Sword vs My Dagger”.

At first, I did the handwritten way by doing some literal sword handles and dagger shaped typeface.

But then it’s a little bit too cliche and basic so of course I would try to push a little bit further the idea.

And thus I researched on the song lyrics.

It was a great find.

It was actually a reference to William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, where Romeo in the end thinks his beloved Juliet is dead and so he kills himself by drinking a poison. Juliet in turn sees that her lover is dead and decides to follow him and stabs herself.

Thus I decided to use feather as it shows the fragility of love, compassion and kindness with sharp edges, or thorn like that is like a dual edged blade.

Looked through a few feather typefaces


But it was too smooth, to show that it signifies the sword and the dagger used by Romeo and Juliet. Thus I used shuttlecock feathers as there’s this tiny sharp thorn that sticks out, and the feather is not too flimsy.

I then took shots of individual letters, and compose it digitally.

I used my black sketchbook as a backdrop against the white feathers.

I then added blood stains to the feathers to add a little bloody struggle vibe.

Since it’s loosely about Romeo and Juliet, I decided to apply it on a book hard cover.

Thus marks the end of Project 2!

Learned a lot about hidden alphabets from everyday surroundings, and using organic materials to create typefaces.

Onwards to Project 3!


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