My process was simple but tedious.

I first started out by sketching out ideas for my equations.    image-5 image-4

I then zeroed in on the equations that I thought best suited me. And started to sketch out the compositions. Although they changed when I did my final outcome.

image-11 image-10 image-9 image-8 image-7 image-6

After that I just went with my guts.

The first thing was to cut out the 20 by 2o rectangles.

After words I used a mixture of oil pastel and water colour to create my compositions which I then scanned into the computer

animal-mask robot sea-gurl seaq-girlanimal-maskimage-2

I then manipulated them digitally and printed them.

untitled-1-min mask-min golden-mirror-min golden-foxes-min crowd-of-animals-minsea-gurl coup human-again-01fox-in-the-woods-min

I then threw out some and added more things to the rest. I did a repeat of scaning and adding more stuff to certain squares as evident in my end product. I even got rid of some because it did not convey what I wanted.

Here is an example


And here are some things I made put did not put inimage-12


I did all 12 together with very long stagnant periods as I was not sure how best to represent what I wanted.

I guess this whole project was an experiement. I wanted to see if I could make something not aesthetic that it becomes aesthetic










This were the meaning behind my works from top to bottom.

  1. Me (on Guard) as I usually do not like to reveal too much when I meet people for the first time as I dont trust them. However I would reveal a little to be genuine. The colour face is to show how I try to appear more interesting and bubbly when I first meet people.

Plus a new enviornment. The reason for why the people only have certain facial features is to show how I usually zero in on certain parts of people when I meet them and I usually cant really remember their face in entirity. The goat legs at the bottom was to represent the humour I usually try to inject when I am trying to lighten an awkward mood.

Equals to me becoming Dora the Explora. I use the spelling of explora cos my friends like to spell it that was saying that it ryhmes more with Dora. I think this image is self explantory, as almost everyone who found out I am called Dora makes the link to the cartoon. I made her faceless to represent how I have nothing to say or an expression to give anymore cos I am always hearing the same joke and it gets quite boring.

2. Me as Me. This time I do not have a mask on as I am with friends I trust and see no need to hide too much. However I do occassionally put on a fake smile even when I am tired so that I can keep conversation going.

Plus a friend’s party. The reason why I replaced human faces with animals was to show the different characteristic that my friends have. It also acts as a mask as there are friends who I know who puts on a public persona in front of a large group of people

Equals to Me becoming a mirror. I say that I become a mirror as I usually try to mirror and accomadate to my friends so they would feel more comfortable around me and around new aquaintances.

3. Me breaking down. I think this is another self explantory one. When I am constantly working I try to not think about being tired and constantly thinking about work and trying to do something related to work so I feel productive. But after awhile I would fall sick or feel mentally drain. I relate this to being a robot as a robot can constantly work or suppose to but sometimes it breaks into pieces when it gets overworked.

Plus Time spent with loved ones. The caption says it all about the image expect maybe for the part where I portary the girl still being part human part robot. This is to show how spending time with my partner helps me recuperate mentally.

Human Again. Just shows me being alive again.

4. Me as the sea to present me when I am alone. I used the sea as it appears calm but beneath it still has currents, like how I let my mind wander when I am alone.

Plus the forest because I love to explore nature,cimb rocks and look at insects act in their natural habit

Equals to a world of imagination as I will be able to imagine stories of the trees and animals and come up with communities and tribes. Helping me spend my time when I am alone.


On a whole I try to have the first and last image in each equation to show that not everything of me has changed when I am put through those settings. The colours constantly change cos I wanted it to be as colourful as possible and occasionally trippy to portray a certain kind of eccentric-ness. It was fun trying to battle myself on making everything more aesthetic. And to be honest if I was to do a project like this again I would probably stick to flat design because I can portray a more vibrant and cohesive colour scheme and some simplicity.  Yup definitely have a love hate relationship with my work. But more love hahaha

EGO- references

leonid-afremov041 leonid-afremov031 leonid-afremov011 leonid-afremov071 leonid-afremov121 leonid-afremov131 leonid-afremov141 7e23123886636e47ac721982730e1157 7d1e05e3614cff5d17d62854845b3233

My colour references was mostly by the artist Leonid Afremov. All of his paintings were colour but always had an emphasis on warm colours. I did look at pinterest too to see if there were any other warm colour schemes that could evoke more apparent moods.

As for my composition I had drawn a lot of ideas from pinterest and hence had not much of an artist to follow. But here are some of the images that inspired my works.

0cda56b3e719afad2eb5e76427cd62b2 b8630f6661dad8b9b0df171ec72d789b artist-michael-hirshon01-illustration-friday f59f24f92d76a4cc6d51afe99a1a0b39 c845933c77a058b2c8cf7c80d52bf20d linder-sterling-mirror-iron-pictumblr_nk80lzmv5k1rv44ddo1_1280 tumblr_nk9ywhziyp1rv44ddo1_1280

Honestly I had no particular style in mind and wanted to mix styles to see what monostristy could come out but yet still convey what I wanted. I would see something that was interesting and which I thought I could achieve and did it.