Making the string structure.

After researching and getting my idea, I realised I had no idea what kind of template to draw. But since I wanted a sculpture with curves I just started drawing curves while visualising a cross. This is when I made my first two mistakes.

851516557_30448_9775656345583072330The first being, cutting an extremely thin backbone. This made it tear easily.

851519906_30831_3765396991341345434The second was to cut out the support before poking holes in it, which caused the paper to crumple.

851440305_64129_6198764986183273093Combining these two mistakes and the fact that the paper was very flimsy, I could not achieve any tension, but I had an idea on how to do it. So I started on my final piece.

851439738_64771_7855808411359136412The plastic sheet given was not that much different from paper besides the fact that it would not crumple. I started of with the same shape but this time I added slits to make sure the structure staid in place and it ended up looking like the above.

851518514_31591_2558125494689869633I didnt know where to start threading and decided go with the corner of the structure. But that did not work out as I had no sense of continuation and it was boring to look at. So I snipped it all off. I also hated the little dashes on the plastic from threading in and out. So I decided to thread in a loop, drawing out polygons.
photo137649183987445386 photo137649183987445387And so my final structure was born. Pretty aint it?