For my first layout and idea I wanted to reflect how no one actually delves deeper into the history of Pearl Bank Apartments or how they never take pictures of anything but the facade of the building. Hence I was going to include my interviews to try and give a deeper perspective of Pearl Bank Apartment.


However I did not really have pictures that I thought were good enough I decided to just illustrate my zine and make it into a narrative.

So I first sketched out some layouts, but as I am not very good at drawing I decided to trace out some of the photos that I took.

I proceeded to image trace and paint it on illustrator. However I never did this before so I did not consider how tedious it would be to use a mouse to paint. Thank goodness my screen was a touch screen so I eventually used my fingers to paint.


I had some difficulty with choosing a style so I went to pinterest

I was quite settled for the background so I had to draw characters that matched the sketchy style.


I also had to thin out some lines.

Lastly I wrote out my words to complete the sketchy feel and then scanned it.


The In and Outs of Outram (buildings, people and random details)


img_3553 img_3554 img_3555 img_3556

The area near Outram mrt is filled with healthcare buildings and govt buildings.

img_3419 img_3422 img_3437 img_3440 img_3450 img_3464 img_3479

The other part of Outram, is Chinatown and the most prominent architecture are the shop houses and the brutalist building .

img_3531 img_3548 img_3550

And of course there is the famous pearl bank apartment.


img_3439 img_3481img_3478 img_3485 img_3493

Mostly tourist and the elderly

Random stuff

img_3405 img_3444 img_3449 img_3487 img_3491 img_3504