2 thoughts on “The embodiment of Gintoki in Box form”


    What do you think is the most creative or interesting part of the project?


    The items are very well made! Like the sword and the sugar with toothpick. Very amazed that you are able to put so many ‘big’ items in such a small space. Also, The small ‘puzzle’ box is super well made!


    What improvements would you suggest to make the design more successful?


    I would have a ‘transparent cover’ to cover the current box as it looks like it may fall over anytime.


    What is something new that you have learnt from this design?


    Something I learnt from Dora’s box is the use of space, she makes use of spaces to fit in the items. Compared to mine, I actually wasted a lot of space just because I want my compartment to turn.


  2. The choice of wood and the way you crafted your model gave the Japanese vibe which I think suits your character very well. I also like the innovative mechanism you introduced to your model that provided a surprise element whenever you unveiled the artefacts. However, I think if given more time, you would have make artefact fit nicely into your model because it seemed precarious at first glance. Nonetheless, I always admire how you always push yourself to introduce interesting mechanism to your model which is something that I should learnt from.

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