Anchoring and Relaying

DSC_0495Climb On, 27th September 2015 (Extreme Long Shot)
It’s never about reaching the destination, it’s about the experiences you go through to reach the destination.

DSC_0492The Salute, 27th September 2015 (Low Angle)
As he reach for greater heights, all he can see are the obstacles and challenges ahead of him.

DSC_0471The Gaze, 27th September 2015 (Extreme Closeup)
The things we see may not always reflect the true meaning of its identity


Project 1B

Fire and Ice by Robert Frost

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice

In my opinion, fire and ice in this poem represents human emotions. Firstly, fire represents the burning desire. Fire can cause destruction in many ways in an instant. The word ‘tasted’ in line 3, implies that the author has not felt the full brunt of the energy that fire can produce but has only gotten a little teaser of how powerful fire can be. The author suggests that we can control our desires. If conditions aroused that causes us to lose control of this ‘fire’, it can cause damage and affect the masses. In this photo, I display the different types of war (chemical warfare, military operations, nuclear warfare) that can happen if our desires are not controlled. Sexual desires and jealousy is also an important element in contributing to the end of the world through ‘fire’. The image of the lips, heart and a lacy bra represents these sexual desires.



For the second photo, the scale right smack in the middle with a line across dividing the 2 sides of fire and ice represents the balance between fire and ice. No matter which side we choose, at the end of the day, both will still bring destruction to this world, its just a matter of how it ends.

For the last photo, ice represents hatred. Icy actions require thinking and deliberation. It takes careful planning and a great deal of time. The slowness of ice takes a hold of things similar to hate, it takes a lot of time to get someone to actually hate someone and it is not instant, compared to fire. It is more of playing with the mind, and how it can torture someone with mind games. I displayed photos of stress, torture, the brain and poison to show that ice is somewhat like a venom, it will slowly have its side effects that will eventually kill the person with the venom.

Image References

Bloody Knife

Brain 1

Brain 2

Pills 1

Pills 2



Tied up hands



Fierce Bear

Guy in gas mask

Biohazard sign

Damaged building

Lacy bra

Pieces of heart

Lips 1

Lips 2

Kids in gas masks


Nuclear Missile

Explosion 1

Explosion 2


Poison sign

Psychotic face

People Walking


Angry face

Soldier kneeling


Mind games

Worried person



Project 1A

Project 1A


Task 1: Me





The first photo mainly represents my passion for travelling and finding adventure. The LEGO campervan represents my dream of wanting to gather a bunch of friends, and going on a road trip in another country in the future aimed with just a map and getting lost. It also shows the items that document my adventures to share with people.

Next, this Point-Of-View shot of me shows that I’m holding a DSLR camera that was given by mom 5 years ago, and that was when I became more interested and passionate about photography and videography. I stood on a rock overlooking a scenery to represent that, through this camera, I hope my works will reach to greater heights one day.

Lastly, this collection is based upon my love of collecting LEGO mini figures as well as their sets. The focus point in this photo is a LEGO representation of myself photographing a unicorn. This represents my idea of trying to photograph unique and breathtaking sceneries and people and try to share it with everyone but the main focus for this image is my collection of LEGOs. I like the idea of building something out of nothing and that LEGO has allowed these imaginations to flourish and let me experience a ‘different’ realm.


Task 2: Object and representation of self





This series is based upon my kickscooter which has been with me since 2 years ago. I took these 3 images in 3 different places to give a sense of travel/adventure. I like to commute to places through park connectors using this scooter as it allows me to see and experience new things that are usually overlooked. For example, when we take the bus, we are often too familiarised with the route  and busy with our technology but when I travel with my scooter, it allows me to see things beyond the usual route and gives me a lot of freedom to roam and convenience. The second photo of this series represents the idea of movement from one place to another and gives a sense of speed.


Task 3: My World




IMG_0558                IMG_0195


For this series, I decided to shoot Bras Basah Complex and played with the idea of lines in my series. For each photo, lines are featured to give a sense of direction and shape. Back in 2012, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time and money in Bras Basah Complex, because of my passion for music. I love how this place gives me a sense of nostalgia and has retain its unique vintage look amongst the towering skyscrapers surrounding the area.



My key takeaway from this project is that I had a lot of fun going to these places to take these photos and enjoyed the process as well. I had to think hard of how I want these images to turn out in terms of framing and placement of objects and how these objects represent what I want to portray. One of the major problems for me was when there wasn’t enough sunlight for me to capture the shot perfectly. Due to the haze, it made the sky appear gloomy than it should be and this restricted from being able to get what I want. The idea of having to have 3-5 images only for each series really pushes the boundaries of how I want to tell the story because I have to carefully manipulate and position objects to get the intended outcome.