2D Project 1, Week 4: Conceptualisation Of Idea

Attributes selected:

  1. Adventure Seeker
  2. Embracing nature (Nature-Lover)
  3. Organised
  4. Attention To Detail (Observant)
  5. Determined
  6. Resourceful

I started out wanting to do 3D typography, where I place objects relating to that specific character trait in a form of my name. However, after much consideration, I tried my hands on Photoshop to get the basic idea of roughly what I wanted my end goal to be.

Adventure Seeker

This was an attempt at finding images around the web relating to the idea of ‘Adventure’ and using these images to form letters of my name.

Next, I moved on to the character trait of  ‘Observant’.


Change of Ideas

After consulting with Joy, she suggested I look into the concept of how I can better create the character traits to be more interconnected with each other. To have a central idea that revolves around these 6 traits instead of painstakingly doing each separate trait with a different idea.

After much consideration, I decided to change the idea  and take photos surrounding the theme of how my journey in the wild brings out the characteristics listed. Basically, it is like a movie where it is a journey through each character trait listed above.

As of now, I will keep exploring and do more research to see what suits me best for this project.

4D Project 1: Alter Ego

We were tasked to create a 1 min video with a dialogue/monologue scene with a few words through a central issue which would characterised the person as to who he is.


I like to have order in my life and do things one step at a time.However, life doesn’t always go according to plan, and I will run into obstacles or unforeseen circumstances at some point in my life. These unforeseen circumstances can hinder or even stop me from reaching my goals. Therefore, it resorted me needing to think on my feet and do things out of my way to overcome these obstacles. I strive to be able to adapt to such changes accordingly. This is a quality trait I’m aspiring to work towards and get better at in the future.

With reference to the video, the Lego instruction booklet acts as a guide for me to build my life. Sometimes, there may be a more convenient way of working things around to overcome these obstacles. Just like in the video, I realised it was hard to find the correct piece that I wanted, so I had to think of how to combat this situation in order to make it easier for me. I sorted out the parts by colour, which succeeded in helping me find the pieces more efficiently in order to finish building the Lego set.

Research Phase

Before this, we were tasked to list the characters that resonate to us, describe their characteristics and arrange by order of importance.

Selection of characters

1)The Flash

  • Passionate about saving lives
  • Likeable character
  • Good relationship with friends and family
  • Runs fast
  • Thinks quick on his feet
  • Able to adapt to situations quickly

2) Carl Allen (Yes Man)

  • Spontaneous
  • Humorous
  • Unexpected adventure

3) Louis Cole

  • Traveller
  • Inspirational
  • Influential
  • Find adventure in everyday situations
  • Strives to go green

4) Casey Neistat

  • Filmmaker
  • Innovative
  • Creative
  • Not afraid to be politically incorrect
  • Works his way up from the bottom

List of other characters


  • Daryl Dixon
  • Super Mario
  • Walter Mitty

Public Figures

  • Jimmy Fallon
  • Charles Trippy
  • Will Smith


  • Matin Fellani
  • Rohanah
  • Riduan
  • Yong Wei
  • Mohd Alif


Overall, I had a good experience learning how to profile characters and adapt it to my own video. Hopefully, this will help me in creating more characters that resonate to me and improve on future videos. Even though there wasn’t a lot of dialogue in the video, I felt it was quite a feat coming up with lines and performing these lines in front of the camera.

2D Pre-project 1, Week 2 : Hello. My name is.


We were tasked to create 3 ‘Hello My Name Is’ name tags using subjects that represent ourselves or an aspect of our personality. The 3 categories are as folllow: Typography, Abstract Solution and Conceptual






As a nature lover, I decided to incorporate this trait into my first piece. Using leaves to make out the letters of my name and using the log as a base to hold all the leaves together. I like being surrounded by nature and how its always surreal to see how beautiful it actually is.

Abstract Art


Tetris has always been a part of my childhood and I love how the game is so simple yet addictive. I incorporated a Tetris styled abstract for this piece. I’m an organised person and I love order in my life. Just like Tetris, I want my life to fall perfectly in place just like the pieces falling into the cracks seamlessly. However, sometimes setbacks can happen in life and it may not exactly go the way you want it to be but I will try to make the most out of it. The colourful Tetris blocks represents the different aspects of my life.



Mountains, lush greenery and the outdoors has always been a fascinating subject for me. I love going for hikes, being adventurous, and just living life to the fullest. It’s not always easy considering how we have to lead our daily lives, but this drawing of a mountain serves as a reminder for me to not be afraid and just go forth in conquering new terrains. It is also a reminder for me to always try to achieve greater heights.


2D Pre-project 1, Week 1: Typographic Portrait

The Dada Movement

  • Arrangement of words and images, mixing letterforms, ornaments and ready-images in order to shock.
  • Dadaism was an ‘anti art’ stance as it was intent on destroying the artistic values of the past. The aim of Dada was to create a climate in which art was alive to the moment and not paralysed by the corrupted traditions of the established order.

hausmann‘Tatlin at Home’, 1920 (collage)


Dada Seigt, 1920

Hannah Hoch

  • Photomontage became the preferred medium for her shrewd social and political critiques of the 1920s.
  • Hoch incorporated lace and handiwork patterns into her montages, thus combining the traditional language of women’s crafts with that of modern mass culture.

hannah hoch 2

German, 1889–1978

Das schöne Mädchen (The Beautiful Girl), 1919–1920

photomontage and collage

35 x 29 cm (13 3/4 x 11 7/16 in.)

Dada Artist

Hannah Höch with her Dada Dolls, 1920

hannah hoch 2

Das schöne Mädchen [The Beautiful Girl], 1920

Comment: I really like how Hannah Hoch uses photo collages to create an entirely new photo with a different meaning. The use of photos from different places and piecing it together to form a whole new meaning is really intriguing.

Handmade Typography

I love the idea of incorporating literal objects and materials into the typography in order to bring out the meaning behind the word. The use of materials will have a great emphasis on the word and it speaks for itself as a whole. Here are some examples of typography that incorporates these elements into the word itself.


Kegs with legs



Maricor Maricar

Sometimes, a simple medium such as paper can create such a wonderful effect if done right. I love the use of folds on the paper with different lengths to create such a composition, added with a good spectrum of colours.


Lavanya Naidoo


Abelina by Six & Five Studio

fancy wood



I’m interested to explore in doing something similar to this. I want to use different materials to bring out my attribute and potentially make it 3D, if the space allows. I like how these type of typography brings out a 3D sense to it, allowing people to touch and feel and bringing out the sensory elements to the artwork. It also makes me want to experiment and try out different materials and seeing what works and what doesn’t because different materials evoke different sets of emotion towards the artwork.

List Of Attributes

  • Adventure Seeker

  • Nature-lover

  • Observant

  • Organised

  • Determined

  • Imaginative

  • Resourceful

  • Passionate

  • Curious

  • Easygoing