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2D Project 1, Week 5: Work In Progress

Ever since the last update, the attributes has since then been brought down to 4 instead of 6. Therefore, the finalised 4 attributes I will be doing are as follows:

1) Adventure Seeker

2) Tree Hugger (Nature-Lover)

3) Observant

4) Visual Storyteller


After much deliberate thought and research about the main concept that links all 4 of my attributes together, I’ve decided to go with the idea of incorporating the use of body parts/senses for each attribute. The final outcome of the 4 attributes will be an A5 photograph of my executed idea.

Last week, we had a group consultation where we share the ideas that we wanted to execute and get feedback from our classmates. I believe the group liked my idea and were excited to see what the final outcome was going to be and there wasn’t really any major changes to my initial idea. Throughout the consultation, they had some interesting inputs and ideas to other people’s work that I could possibly incorporate to my own work as well.

Adventure Seeker

For this attribute, I want to play with the idea of using items I can find around my house that spells adventure. Using these items, I will then make out my name out of these items and surround the typography with other items to complement the whole idea of ‘adventure seeker’. I will feature my feet for this piece.


This is roughly the look that I’m going for.

Tree Hugger (Nature Lover)

For this attribute, I will be doing something similar like the image below where I will use moss to be placed on a typographic template of my name. This template will then be placed on my hand which will then be photographed on a tree.

An example of moss typography


For this piece, it will mainly be digitally manipulated. The letters of my name will ‘interact’ with the environment through the view of a binoculars.


This is one example of how I intend the final outcome to be

Visual Storyteller

The process for the final outcome of this attribute will be tedious.

  • I will be writing out my name on a piece of acrylic sheet using white paint. This gives me the ability to manipulate the background to whatever I want because it is transparent. White paint is used because the colour stands out on any background.
  • Next, I will be taking photos of different parts of my name placed on different backgrounds using a polaroid camera.
  • Once the polaroids are developed, I will then rearrange them to make out my name again. I will then take a photo of the arranged pieces and will be accompanied with items that I use to visually tell my stories. 🙂

Rough idea

As of now all the works are currently in the progression stage. The final outcome will compose of just A5 photographs with those 4 attributes. Hopefully, everything will turn out as planned and I’m looking forward to see the works of my other classmates!