2D Project 3: Final (Zine)


This is the final product of my zine titled ‘Transit In Vietnam’. It speaks about my adventures and the modes of transport I took during my week-long backpacking trip with a bunch of close friends from Ho Chi Minh City all the way to Nha Trang in Vietnam.¬†The zine visually narrates about the hectic traffic in Ho Chi Minh City, a train ride across different states and the journey to the white sand dunes in Mui Ne.

Transit in Vietnam (FINAL OSS)

Transit in Vietnam (FINAL OSS)2 Transit in Vietnam (FINAL OSS)3 Transit in Vietnam (FINAL OSS)4 Transit in Vietnam (FINAL OSS)5

Click here to see the process ūüôā

I incorporated the idea of each spread being a different place in Vietnam and accompanying it with minimal texts so I could let the pictures speak for themselves instead. Initially there were some printing problems and it didn’t exactly turned out as how I wanted it to be. However, I managed to recover from that mistake and work my way around it and eventually it turned out pretty decent.

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed the process of making this zine, as I sift through the various travel photos I took over the years and carefully ‘curating’ them to my zine. This photo zine was also driven by the idea of my¬†travel photos being stagnant in my hard drive. This project has¬†allowed me to showcase these travel photos visually and yet tell a story from start to end. I’m also thankful for the valuable feedback and ideas Joy has given me as well as learning InDesign which can potentially help me in my future projects.

2D Project 1, Week 6: Final

Hello my name is..


and I’m an adventure seeker

I love the idea of going out for an adventure, finding new and incredible things, and just being curious about the world. It has always been a dream of mine to want to travel to different parts of the world, experiencing new cultures, be it the city life or the countryside. I am inspired by the videos that I watch on Youtube almost everyday about how travelling brings new experiences that are never taught in classrooms. Finding adventure in a place is something I am working towards, going the extra mile to see places and do things I never thought of doing.

The items displayed in the photo above are some of the things that represent adventure to me. I included my feet as part of the photo because they are what I rely on to go for these adventures.


Hello my name is..


and i’m a tree hugger

I’ve always been passionate about nature and the environment since I was young. I enjoy going for walks in nature reserves, the parks and just being out and about. I included my hand as part of the photo as it resembles my idea of wanting to lend a helping hand for the environment in the future. I feel like right now, I am not doing much to help in the conservation of earth but I hope to be able to participate in conservation projects in the future. This is also in relation to my idea of seeking adventure.

Hello my name is..


and i’m observant

I’ve always been an observant person. I am quick to notice certain things in the environment. Sometimes, I just tend to notice things that people normally overlook and analyse them more in-depth in my head. The binoculars view implies the idea of using a binoculars as being observant, to look out and see things beyond what people actually see. It always amuses me sometimes at how I can remember small little details of people and objects around me¬†that people don’t really take notice of. In addition, being observant feeds my habit of people watching. While waiting for my bus, I will sit down by the bench and just watch people go about in their daily activities. It is always interesting to see people’s reactions, how they walk, what they are carrying and I just wonder like where they are from, where are they going, who are they meeting etc.


Hello my name is..


and i’m a visual storyteller

I’ve always been fascinated about cameras and different tools of storytelling.¬†I developed a strong interest in photography and videography since I entered polytechnic back in 2010. My interest amplified when my mom bought me a Canon DSLR as a birthday gift and up till today, I am still using it for different purposes. As the years went by, different cameras were introduced to me and I was intrigued at how each camera has its own way of defining itself and its delivery methods. Therefore, I am now using these tools as a way of telling my stories. I like to film and take photographs when I travel to different countries, and put up short videos on Youtube so I can share it with the rest of the world. It is one of my ultimate goals to travel around the world and film. Also, the reason I chose to photograph parts of my name in different polaroids and then combining it together because its with these different parts of my life, when brought together, becomes a whole picture.

Overall, I had a good learning experience from making each individual composition all the way from the thought process up to the execution process, facing certain problems along the way but eventually finding out the solution to it, as well as the generous feedbacks from my classmates during consultation and during my presentation ūüôā

You can view how I did all of these compositions here, BEHIND THE SCENES!

2D Project 1, Week 5: Behind The Scenes

This is the behind the scenes of my final product for Project 1! If you’ll like to check it out, click¬†HERE!

Adventure Seeker

For this piece, I had to go around the house finding objects and items that meant ‘adventure’ to me. Initially, I wanted to play around with the idea of negative space which was brought up by Daniel during the group consultation. However, after much consideration, I felt that the use of negative space would mean that I would have to find even more objects around the house and that was already a challenge to begin with. I decided to settle with my initial idea of using objects to make the typeface instead which require less work. Below are some the images that eventually led to the final output of this piece.


Setting the scene


Making sure the items are placed properly


Side perspective of the scene


Test shot #1


Test shot #2 (without shoes, tighter crop)

Tree Hugger

For this piece, there were a lot of hands-on work to be done prior to the execution.

2D Typography

Firstly, I browsed through the internet looking for a suitable font. This font is called ‘Cheddar Jack’, I typed it out on photoshop and printed it out to act as a template.


Once printed, I cut away all the white spaces to form my template.



I laid the template over a piece of cardboard to create a much more sturdy template as compared to paper.



Just like in step 1, I cut the negative spaces out.


Materials for the next step


Next, I used PVA glue and sprinkle the moss over the top.


Completed product

Next, I had the idea of placing it on my arm because it relates to my idea of wanting to lend a helping hand in conservation projects in the future. It took me several different shots and how its placed to get what I want. As the sun was setting, I had to make a quick decision of which composition that I want in order to get the best lighting possible. In the end, I managed to get exactly the perfect shot which is in the other OSS post.


Test shot #1


Test shot #2


Test shot #3


Test shot #4


My initial idea for this piece was that I wanted to feature myself holding a pair of binoculars looking out and fitting letters of my name in between the lens, but after the group consultation, they suggested that I can consider using the inside view of the binoculars, basically in the perspective of the user using the binoculars. Therefore, I resorted to the use of Photoshop to bring out the binoculars effect and create my typography from there.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 11.34.08 PM

I started out with an A5 sized blank canvas.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 11.34.18 PM

Next, I found the binoculars effect on google and decided to put it first as part of my composition.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 11.34.28 PM

Next, I used a photo from a photowalk about a month ago in Coney Island. I really love this photo as it fitted with my overall theme of having earth and nature tones.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 11.34.40 PM

Next, I typed out my name letter by letter and painstakingly placed it in different parts of the path/forest. I decided it was best if the letters were spaced out throughout the composition so it doesn’t look like its squeezing to one side. Then, I played with the opacity of the letters so it does not look as striking and bold to make it fit into the forest. I also erased parts of the letters so as to make it appear that the letters are sort of hiding behind the trees and leaves (gives more depth to the letters).

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 11.34.47 PM

I went to look at more examples of how the view of a binoculars should look like and I added more details to it, giving it a measurement bars, making the whole binoculars effect more realistic.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 11.34.52 PM

Visual Storyteller

For this piece, there were a lot of preparation work to be done before actually getting to the final product. Firstly, I engaged the help of my friend who is good at doing typography to mimic a font called Edo SZ.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 11.17.46 PM


We first tried it on paper first to get the feel of how it is going to turned out.


As I wanted the ‘paint’ look, we used gauche paint and a thick paintbrush. After numerous tries on paper, we were confident enough to do it on the acrylic piece itself. The idea of painting it on an acrylic piece is so that I could manipulate the background easily. As it is transparent, I was able to hold it up to any background that I want with ease and took a polaroid photo of it. Below are the shots that I manage to take with my polaroids.


It wasn’t easy trying to frame the shots and getting the polaroid to come out the way I wanted. It took me a few wasted tries to finally perfect the form that I wanted. As it was taken with a polaroid, it felt like a surprise every time the photo comes out because even though you frame the shots, the outcome will be slightly different even with a slight change in lighting conditions.


The whole acrylic piece itself against the background.

Combined Typography (AZMIR)OSS

Visualizing the outcome of the final typography with each picture combined


Putting it together.


Test shot #1


Test shot #2


Test shot #3

2D Pre-project 1, Week 2 : Hello. My name is.


We were tasked to create 3 ‘Hello My Name Is’ name tags using subjects that represent ourselves or an aspect of our personality. The¬†3 categories are as folllow: Typography, Abstract Solution and Conceptual






As a nature lover, I decided to incorporate this trait into my first piece. Using leaves to make out the letters of my name and using the log as a base to hold all the leaves together. I like being surrounded by nature and how its always surreal to see how beautiful it actually is.

Abstract Art


Tetris has always been a part of my childhood and I love how the game is so simple yet addictive. I incorporated a Tetris styled abstract for this piece. I’m an organised person and I love order in my life. Just like Tetris, I want my life to fall perfectly in place just like the pieces falling into the cracks seamlessly. However, sometimes setbacks can happen in life and it may not exactly go the way you want it to be but I will try to make the most out of it. The colourful Tetris blocks represents the different aspects of my life.



Mountains, lush greenery and the outdoors has always been a fascinating subject for me. I love going for hikes, being adventurous, and just living life to the fullest. It’s not always easy considering how we have to lead our daily lives, but this drawing of a mountain serves as a reminder for me to not be afraid and just go forth in conquering new terrains. It is also a reminder for me to always try to achieve greater heights.


2D Pre-project 1, Week 1: Typographic Portrait

The Dada Movement

  • Arrangement of words and images, mixing letterforms, ornaments and ready-images in order to shock.
  • Dadaism was an ‚Äėanti art‚Äô stance as it was intent on destroying the artistic values of the past. The aim of Dada was to create a climate in which art was alive to the moment and not paralysed by the corrupted traditions of the established order.

hausmann‘Tatlin at Home’, 1920 (collage)


Dada Seigt, 1920

Hannah Hoch

  • Photomontage became the preferred medium for her shrewd social and political critiques of the 1920s.
  • Hoch incorporated lace and handiwork patterns into her montages, thus combining the traditional language of women’s crafts with that of modern mass culture.

hannah hoch 2

German, 1889‚Äď1978

Das sch√∂ne M√§dchen (The Beautiful Girl), 1919‚Äď1920

photomontage and collage

35 x 29 cm (13 3/4 x 11 7/16 in.)

Dada Artist

Hannah Höch with her Dada Dolls, 1920

hannah hoch 2

Das schöne Mädchen [The Beautiful Girl], 1920

Comment: I really like how Hannah Hoch uses photo collages to create an entirely new photo with a different meaning. The use of photos from different places and piecing it together to form a whole new meaning is really intriguing.

Handmade Typography

I love the idea of incorporating literal objects and materials into the typography in order to bring out the meaning behind the word. The use of materials will have a great emphasis on the word and it speaks for itself as a whole. Here are some examples of typography that incorporates these elements into the word itself.


Kegs with legs



Maricor Maricar

Sometimes, a simple medium such as paper can create such a wonderful effect if done right. I love the use of folds on the paper with different lengths to create such a composition, added with a good spectrum of colours.


Lavanya Naidoo


Abelina by Six & Five Studio

fancy wood



I’m interested to explore in doing something similar to this. I want to use different materials to bring out my attribute and potentially make it 3D, if the space allows. I like how these type of typography brings out a 3D sense to it, allowing people to touch and feel and bringing out the sensory elements to the artwork. It also makes me want to experiment and try out different materials and seeing what works and what doesn’t because different materials evoke different sets of emotion towards the artwork.

List Of Attributes

  • Adventure Seeker

  • Nature-lover

  • Observant

  • Organised

  • Determined

  • Imaginative

  • Resourceful

  • Passionate

  • Curious

  • Easygoing






Project 2: Nursery Rhymes

This project is inspired by the idea of surrealism being put into my representation of nursery rhymes. I’ve decided to do each line based off different nursery rhymes to give more variety to the work instead of telling a story. I’ve also chosen the lines to be less of an action but more of a statement because it gives me more room and ways to make it as surreal as it can be with that particular line.

The Final Pieces


1) Three men in a tub

Nursery Rhyme 1

2) The cat and the fiddle

Nursery Rhyme 2

3) Jack and Jill went up the hill

Nursery Rhyme 3

4) I’m a little teapot, short and stout¬†Nursery Rhyme 4

Artist References

1) Rene Magritte

René Magritte was a Belgian surrealist artist best known for his witty and thought-provoking images and his use of simple graphics and everyday imagery.

Son of man  Rene Magritte 2  Rene Magritte

2) Salvador Dali

Dal√≠ was a skilled draftsman, best known for the striking and bizarre images in his surrealist work. His painterly skills are often attributed to the influence of Renaissance masters.¬†His best-known work, The Persistence of Memory, was completed in August 1931. Dal√≠’s expansive artistic repertoire included film, sculpture, and photography, in collaboration with a range of artists in a variety of media.


3) Jacek Yerka

Jacek Yerka (born. Jacek Kowalski in 1952) is a Polish surrealist painter from ToruŇĄ. Yerka’s work has been exhibited in Poland, Germany, Monaco, France, and the United States, and may be found in the museums of Poland.


4) Vladimir Kush

Vladimir Kush (born 1965) is a Russian born surrealist painter and sculptor. He studied at the Surikov Moscow Art Institute, and after several years working as an artist in Moscow, his native city, he emigrated to the United States, eventually establishing his own gallery on the island of Maui in Hawaii. His oil paintings are also sold as giclée prints which contributed to his popularity and led to the establishment of further galleries in Laguna Beach, California and Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2011 Kush won the First Prize in Painting at the Artistes du Monde international exhibition in Cannes.


These artists have inspired me to create a sense of illusion through everyday objects and making it into something that has a totally different meaning. Each artists has his own style and way of manipulating these images to make it realistic.


1) Three men in a tub

Nursery Rhyme 1 (DRAFT 1)                    Nursery Rhyme 1 (DRAFT 2) Nursery Rhyme 1 (DRAFT 3)                    Nursery Rhyme 1 (DRAFT 4)

2) The cat and the fiddle

Nursery Rhyme 2 (DRAFT 1)                    Nursery Rhyme 2 (DRAFT 2) Nursery Rhyme 2 (Draft 3)_                    Nursery Rhyme 2 (Draft 4)_

3) Jack and Jill went up the hill

Nursery Rhyme 3 (Draft 1)                    Nursery Rhyme 3 (Draft 2) Nursery Rhyme 3 (Draft 3)                    Nursery Rhyme 3 (Draft 4)

4) I’m a little teapot, short and stout

Nursery Rhyme 4 (DRAFT 1)                    Nursery Rhyme 4 (DRAFT 2) Nursery Rhyme 4 (DRAFT 3)                    Nursery Rhyme 4 (DRAFT 4)


Project 1: Lines

Lines as expressions

Final Product 

Picture1Picture 2

Picture 3Picture 4

Top 3 Picks



Picture 2-2

A minimalist approach towards getting different thickness and ink with simple lines. Systematic don’t always have to be complicated, but the simplicity of it all is what makes it unique for me.



Picture 2-3

Turbulent reminds me of choppy waves, and how the sea can be a really rough place for people on ships. I replicated the idea of choppy waves in the sea, giving a sense of turbulent, like a ship in a storm.



Picture 2-4

The expression, psychotic, meant a disturbed state of mine characterized by restlessness, illusions and incoherence. I mixed black and white ink for this piece to give a sense of illusion, unable to determine what is right and what is wrong, and having lots of negativity and hatred towards something.


Experimentations and research

Picture 004

Picture 005

Picture 006

Picture 008

Picture 007



2D Mario

Two-dimensional space or bi-dimensional space is a geometric model of the planar projection of the physical universe. The two dimensions are commonly called length and width. Both directions lie in the same plane.